Student Right to Know

All institutions receiving Federal Title IV funds are required to provide students and staff access to featured performance results, policies and resources. To comply with the Department of Education’s Student Right to Know Act, Bryant & Stratton College offers this web site directory featuring linkages to the reports and publication sources. Inquiries about this information may be sent to the Director at the nearest Bryant & Stratton College campus location.

Category of Information

Information is found in these publications

Financial Aid programs

Listed in Catalog Click Here

Price of Attendance

Listed in Catalog Click Here

Academic Programs

To see the programs available at each Bryant & Stratton campus, Click Here

To see the courses required to complete each program, as listed in the Catalog, Click Here

Links to the Faculty and Staff at each Campus location and Online Education can be found from the catalog web page

Listed in Catalog Click Here

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Listed in Catalog Click Here

Refund Policy

Listed in Catalog Click Here

Official Withdrawal Procedure

Listed in Catalog Click Here

Treatment of Federal Student Aid when a Student Withdraws

Listed in Catalog Click Here

Title IV Repayment Policy

Listed in Catalog Click Here

SAP Standards

Listed in Catalog Click Here

Graduation Performance

Graduation performance for full-time, first-time students enrolled in the Fall 2011 Associate, Fall 2010 Nursing, and Fall 2008 Bachelor cohorts is reported.Click Here

Campus Security Reports

OPE Campus Security Statistics Website
Bryant & Stratton College Security Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy

Students are protected from sexual harassment by board of education policies, state and federal statutes. The policy is published in the Student Guide.Click Here

Anti-Discrimination Notice

For Anti-Discrimination Notice. Click Here

Student Satisfaction

To preserve a positive relationship with students the college has in place policies and procedures to ensure that all student concerns will be adequately addressed. The Grievance Procedures are published in the Student Guide and the catalog.Click Here

Retention Performance

For data reflecting student persistence.Click Here

Allied Health Degrees - Certification and/or Licensure

The certification and/or licensure rates of medical assisting, and nursing graduates is reported here.Click Here

Medical Assisting Performance

MAERB requires that all programs publish at least one outcome, with the option of publishing more than one, from the MAERB Annual Report Form. The published outcome data must represent the five-year weighted average.

Click Here

Student Consumer Information

Student Consumer Information can be found at www.bryantstratton.edu/disclosures

Articulation Listing

A listing of the College’s articulation agreements with other Colleges. Click Here

Transfer of Credits

Bryant & Stratton College’s Transfer of Credit policy. Click Here

Code of Conduct

Bryant & Stratton College recognizes that ensuring the integrity of its corporate governance and operations, including the student financial aid process, is critical to providing students fair and affordable access to higher education. In the interest of transparency, Bryant & Stratton College will prominently publish this Code of Conduct.
Click Here for the Preferred Lender Arrangement Policy
Click Here for the Code of Conduct