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A Word About Re-Admission

At Bryant & Stratton College, we understand that life doesn’t always follow a straight line: there are hiccups, interruptions, even failures. Therefore, we’re pleased to offer second chances–where students embrace them.

If your education at Bryant & Stratton College was interrupted and you’d like to re-apply for admission, you may obtain a re-entry application from the Admission Office at your local campus or by visiting us online.  Returning students do not need to re-submit copies of records that are already on file. Please note that any outstanding tuition balance owed will need to be addressed and student loan status will need to be cleared prior to re-admission.

Standards of Academic Programs

Students dismissed for failure to meet Standards of Academic Progress and who were not granted immediate readmission based on a mitigating circumstances appeal may be considered for readmission.  Those students may be readmitted after an absence of not less than one semester provided it is mathematically possible for them to restore their satisfactory academic progress by the time they have attempted 12 additional credits after readmission.  FSRs (former student returning) who are not able to mathematically attain Satisfactory Progress by the time they have attempted 12 additional credits after readmission MAY NOT be considered for readmission.  Likewise, students who do not achieve satisfactory academic standing at the end of the probationary period will be dismissed.

Dismissed students must meet with an academic manager or a designated advisor to review the circumstances of their dismissal and discuss steps for future success. Based on the meeting, the academic associate will determine whether to recommend the student for re-admission. Students dismissed for a failure to complete course requirements after two attempts may be considered for re-admission after no less than one calendar year has elapsed. Even then, re-admission can only be granted by the academic dean or designee.

Curriculum Requirements for Returning Students

Returning students interested in going back to college are responsible for meeting all of Bryant & Stratton College’s current curriculum requirements. If the curriculum or learning methodologies have changed since the student last attended Bryant & Stratton College, an orientation program may be required prior to a return to the classroom. In addition, all credits earned will be re-evaluated for validity under the new curriculum and some earned credits may no longer be deemed applicable. Returning students may be asked to complete a skill assessment exam before contemporary credit is granted.

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Ways to Learn

A degree in a high-demand career is within your reach and built to serve your needs. We offer different ways to learn and flexible class options across programs.


Our 100% online courses offer total location and schedule flexibility and are available 24/7, so you can fit in classes when it’s best for you. All you need is a computer with an internet connection.

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Our blended learning courses offer a little more location flexibility while still providing the best parts of an in-class experience. Virtually tune in to live classes with the ability to participate as if you are there in person.

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For an in-person learning experience, our 16 campuses across four states offer classroom learning with experienced faculty and top-notch facilities for programs requiring hands-on skills training.

Stackable Career Pathways: Progress at Your Pace

Bryant & Stratton College offers innovative “stackable” degree programs designed to provide you with flexible and efficient paths toward achieving your educational and career goals. With these programs, you are able to start with a certificate or diploma in a specific field and then “stack” the credits you earn towards an associate or bachelor’s degree in a related area without losing time or repeating courses.


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