Financial Aid

You Can Afford a College Education

As one of the largest investments an individual will make, it is important for students to have all the information necessary for making a decision regarding their financial aid at Bryant & Stratton College.

Your decision to attend college shouldn’t be driven by your ability to pay for school but by your interest in the degree program you wish to pursue. Bryant & Stratton College is here to help identify and determine how students can pay for their educational expenses. By participating in a number of financial assistance programs such as scholarships, state and federal grant funding and the utilization of student loans, Bryant & Stratton College’s Financial Aid department is here to help determine the best course of action for affording your education.

The financial aid department at Bryant & Stratton College offers a number of different financing options that include the use of the FAFSA application for the Federal Pell Grant, the utilization of additional state funding grants, qualifying scholarships and also student loans.

All students will work with a personal academic advisor as part of our commitment to creating a personalized environment from enrollment right on through to graduation. Our financial aid advisors will help to identify which financial aid options are available for you to use and which combination of those funds are the best for you to utilize. Your personal financial aid advisor will guide you through the process of completing a FAFSA form along with applying for any other resources that you may be eligible to receive.  

Determining the best course of action for paying for school is the primary goal of our financial aid staff. Our advisors will work with you to determine the resources your eligible to receive and how they will aid in paying for school. It’s part of our commitment to your success, because we want our students to be focused on their education and not how they’re going to pay for it.