Criminal Justice Associate Degree Program

AAS Criminal Justice

Working Toward a Degree of Safety

In this program, students develop a broad understanding of the U.S. criminal justice system by studying its aspects including law enforcement, courts, corrections and private security. Subjects include the nature and effects of criminal and delinquent behavior, state and federal court systems, correctional organizations and various law enforcement agencies. Reading, writing and critical thinking skills are rigorously applied and developed throughout the degree program.

Upon graduation, students will be prepared for a career in law enforcement, corrections, juvenile agencies, private security or other social service agencies. It is important to note that graduates may required to submit to background checks, additional training, testing or physical fitness requirements in order to obtain a position in these fields.  The Associate of Applied Science Degree program in Criminal Justice is designed to provide graduates with a solid foundation of theory and practice that can be quickly and successfully applied in the criminal justice field. Some employers may require additional testing, background checks and training prior to employment. 

Skills You'll Learn
1 Apply basic theories of criminal justice operations and management.
2 Demonstrate relational learning by transferring knowledge from life lessons and formal instruction to new situations.
3 Develop the IT skills required in a criminal justice setting.
4 Examine the causes and explanations for criminal behavior.
5 Follow criminal law and procedures in simulated settings.
6 Identify and resolve ethical issues in criminal justice.
7 Learn to communicate effectively within the criminal justice system.
8 Understand the laws regulating public conduct and apply the concepts of community-oriented policing.
Criminal Justice
Jobs in Criminal Justice
Security Guard Loss Prevention
Law Clerk Residential Manager
Security Guard Security Guards
Source: O*Net
criminal justice
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