Network Technology Degree Program

AAS Networking Technology

Having What “IT” Takes to Network

Our Associate of Applied Science Degree program provides students with a solid foundation of classroom education and hands-on experience with network systems commonly found in business environments. Students will discover how information systems can support organizational success, as well as the technologies that comprise today’s network communications infrastructure. Upon graduation, students will have demonstrated how to install, configure, secure, administer and troubleshoot network systems. Other areas of focus include how to manage users, shared resources, and a working knowledge of network components such as switches and routers that make up today’s voice and data networks. CCNA certification strongly encouraged to assist with employment. 

Skills You'll Learn
1 Apply logical, legal and ethical principles in planning and implementing information systems.
2 Design and administer networks: installation, configuration, troubleshooting & network security.
3 Employ effective oral and written communication skills.
4 Identify, install and maintain components of an information system.
5 Import raw data and transform data into information that supports business decision-making.
6 Learn to process information from various sources to achieve project goals.
7 Research, evaluate, recommend and specify hardware and software components and complete systems for enterprise needs.
8 Understand and articulate the fundamentals of American business.
9 Use computer technology to communicate globally and access the Internet for a variety of information and business purposes.
Network Technology
Jobs in Networking Technology
Computer Systems Analyst Consultant
Computer Support Specialist Help Desk Technician
Network Systems Administrator Technical Support Associate
Source: O*Net
Networking Technology
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