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  • Man looking at phone with social media apps surrounding him

    Celebrating National Social Media Day

    National Social Media Day is June 30! The creation and evolution of social media apps and sites have dramatically changed the way we live and communicate with others. In our blog, learn about the impact of social media and why this day is celebrated!

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  • People working together on a laptop making connections

    The Importance Of Making Connections During College

    Making connections in college is extremely important, as it can help you land a career in your desired field after graduation. If you are wondering how to make connections and why you should prioritize this, read our blog!

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  • Student sitting outside doing work on laptop

    How To Stay Focused On School During The Summer Months

    Staying focused on college work can be difficult in all circumstances, but warm months filled with plans make it even harder. Check out these tips on how to stay focused during the summer!

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  • Student on laptop smiling doing homework

    Celebrating National Higher Education Day

    June 6 is National Higher Education Day! At Bryant & Stratton College, we are dedicated to celebrating the academic accomplishments of all students who pursue higher education. Learn about the benefits of higher education and how to take the next step today.

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  • Balloons that spell out pride for pride month

    Resources for LGBTQIA+ and Their Allies

    LGBTQIA+ students are a vital part of the Bryant & Stratton College community. Whether they’re on campus or online, they bring perspectives, experiences and energy that enrich every class an...

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  • Girl looking at computer working from home

    Tips For Working From Home

    Working from home is a flexible work format that is here to stay. If you are looking to increase your productivity and wellbeing while working at home, follow these essential tips!

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