Capability in the Workplace: Why Productivity and Dependability Are Important

Two essential workplace capabilities listed on each course syllabus are productivity and dependability. At first glance they seem obvious, however these traits can be the difference between getting hired and keeping a job, so it’s worth exploring.

What is Workplace Productivity?

Let’s look at productivity. Workplace productivity is how effectively you perform your job tasks over a period of time in your work environment. Many students would describe themselves as productive, as any successful student is. However, in the working world, productivity is measurable and comparable. Are you as productive as someone else in your position? Are you as absolutely productive as possible, or is your performance uneven? 

A great example of someone who was not productive was Peter Gibbons on Office Space. Obviously, his lack of motivation played a role, and let’s hope you have a great employer. However, Peter was motivated to only work hard enough to not get fired. In the real world, this would not land him a promotion.

What is Dependability?

Dependability is closely related to productivity. Dependability not only means getting work done, but communicating any delay to an instructor or supervisor. Can your supervisor count on you to consistently meet deadlines? Are you consistently on time for work? The answers to these questions will go a long way in determining your future at a company.

Combining Productivity and Dependability

Becoming more productive and dependable will help you in your courses, and allow you to be set up for success in your future. Productivity and dependability are closely related to time management. To be productive, it is essential to limit distractions and set realistic performance goals. Both of these skills will be honed in your courses, as you will need to plan for involved portfolio projects and keep caught up on assignments, which will help you develop dependability so critical to the workplace.

Pulling it All Together

Over the months we have looked at each of the workplace capabilities. In each of your supplemental syllabus, you will see this chart:

Bryant & Stratton College Workplace Capabilities
Tolerance Communication Attitude
Interpersonal Skills Perseverance Enthusiasm
Problem Solving Persuasion Productivity
Dependability Informational Literacy Technological Literacy

Each of these capabilities will be addressed in at least one of your courses. Many of the capabilities, such as information literacy and problem solving, will be addressed in many courses. Some learning is not fun. Many people do not enjoy trouble shooting computer issues, and there are always individuals we would rather not interact with. However, college is real life. It takes an incredible amount of dedication to complete an education, especially as so many of our students are non-traditional students.

One of the highlights of my career at Bryant & Stratton has been getting to attend the graduation dinner in 2014.  There is such a great sense of pride in seeing students who not only possess the knowledge that comes with a degree, but the soft skills we focus on at Bryant & Stratton College. Our students are poised for success, and I hope to meet many of you at graduation!

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