How an education at one of New York’s most historic Colleges can change your life

Historic Bryant & Stratton Classroom

Ready to use your imagination? Okay, imagine it’s 1854. Now imagine you’re alive at that time, and you’re at an age when it’s time to pursue a career. Problem was the only way for most people to find a place in the business world back then was through an apprenticeship. And those, in those not-so-good old days, were hard to find.

Pretty discouraging, right? Maybe you’ve even known what that discouragement can feel like in the modern day – when you want to pursue a better career and life and you can’t seem to find a way. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Back to 1854.

Now it’s time imagine a couple of brothers and their brother-in-law putting their heads and their intellects and their work ethic together to create a whole new model of education and training. The brothers are Dr. John Collins Bryant and Henry Beadman Bryant. Their brother-in-law is Henry Dwight Stratton. Together they founded Bryant & Stratton National Business College in Buffalo, New York.

The Bryant & Stratton model of teaching business skills in classrooms and business labs was a total game-changer. And, for its students, a life-changer. The transformative power of that new way of preparing people for business careers – and the business of life – continues today, more powerful than ever. Across the country, around the world and, absolutely, here in New York.

No doubt the founding brothers would be high-fiving each other (hey, they were innovators) to see how Bryant & Stratton has grown, evolved and transformed through the years. From advocating for women’s rights and creating a “ladies department” in the 1850s to the innovation of correspondence courses in the 1890s and the launch of online education and training one hundred years later, Bryant & Stratton College has not only been right there at the transformative times in history; they’ve been a leader in the transformation.

In 1854, America was in search of a better way to educate and train people for good careers and better lives. In Buffalo, New York, Bryant & Stratton College led the way. Today, when people are looking for a path to a promising career and better life, Bryant & Stratton College offers the support they’re looking for to succeed in their career and life. Conveniently, they’ve named it Career LifePrep®. And it could very well be calling you. Imagine the possibilities.

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