Heading Back to School? There's an App For That

When you are balancing school, work and a home life, there’s little time to spare in the day. Let technology pick up some of the slack and make your day easier. If you're a new college student, there are a host of apps you can utilize to make your life in (and out) of the classroom a heck of a lot easier.

Here is a look at some of the top rated apps for college students.


Scribbling everything your professor says at a break neck pace is so last century. Note-taking apps are only as useful as their ability to keep the info you want and let you access it easily later. rated Evernote at the top of the scale. The magazine says the app allows “effortless note-taking and syncing.” The downside, it is pricey at $69.99 per year for the premium package and it is hard to find an app that is as useful. Students are eligible for discounts for this app. You may even find this to be a worthwhile addition if you're an online student at Bryant & Stratton College. Even though you don't have to worry about keeping up with a live lecture, note-taking apps like these can still help make your life easier.

Flash cards

Save paper by using Quizlet to create flashcards and games with the info you have to memorize. The program lets you input your own info or use test prep resources created by experts in fields like nursing, anatomy and languages. The app also even has programs to help students prep for the MCAT and the SAT. The downside, while the basic service is free, access to premium study guides, such as the MCAT, cost anywhere from $2.99 to more than $20 per study guide. Our advice for Bryant & Stratton students is to check out the free app. If you have a class or two that you'd benefit from the study guide for, make the call on spending the few bucks to pick it up.

Time management

Ask any college instructor what students struggle with most, and they will tell you without hesitation, ‘time management.’ There are only so many hours in the day and most of us have far more to pack into those hours than is possible. There are a lot of calendar apps such as Cozi that will help you collect all your events for every member of your household into one online calendar. You can even color coordinate the listings by person and share your calendar with others. The iHomework 2 Planner not only tracks dates but allows you to input assignments and set days to complete them, in addition to tracking the day they are due. The app allows you to add those assignments to your full calendar so you can see every single thing you have to do in the next five days at the same time. Scary, we know. But also super useful. Downside? This app is only available on Apple products. Looking for a tip for students at Bryant & Stratton? Let your academic advisor know you're using a time management app to see what extra assistance they can offer when it comes to juggling school work and other topics.


If you are old enough to remember running to the bookstore just before a paper was due to pick up a bright yellow and black copy of CliffsNotes, you will rejoice in the fact that this time-tested student lifeline is now available online. And not only does CliffsNotes continue to help you navigate through the toughest literary challenges, the site also offers test prep.


Don’t want to drag around another expensive piece of equipment but need a scientific calculator? Just download it! RealCalc Scientific Calculator is Android’s most popular calculator app and is designed to look and operate like a hand-held scientific calculator. The free version includes traditional algebraic functions, trig functions and more. The pro version has a few extra bells and whistles such as customizable conversions and constants, but the free version will give most non-math or engineering majors everything they need to succeed.


You probably need more sleep. There is an app to make sure you are getting it! Sleepzy is a smart alarm clock that tracks your sleep, analyzes your sleep quality and notifies you if you have a sleep debt. It cannot, however, make your loud neighbor turn down their television so you can get that much needed sleep.