Hard Work Pays off For Single Mom and Nursing Student Tiffany Wilson

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Much of Tiffany Wilson’s life is spent on the run, hustling between school, work and events for her two children. Last minute is a way of life.

It was a last minute jump, in fact, that led her to apply for, and win, a $500 scholarship from PurposeBound Women.

Her friend learned about the scholarship from another mom and told Tiffany about the opportunity just days before the deadline. Tiffany jumped online, applied and won.

The “I See ‘Ya Scholarship” is designed for women “holding it all down and doing what it takes to reach” the goal of continuing their education. Tiffany is holding it, mastering it and making it happen.

The single mom has spent three years carefully stitching together her education, based on funding she could secure one semester at a time.

“My financial aid ran out so I have to make the smartest decisions and pace out what I have over time,” she said. “That might make it longer for me to get through school but I have to slow it down and do it the smart way.”

Bryant & Stratton College matched the amount of the scholarship from PurposeBound Women, making Tiffany’s win even more significant.

Tiffany has been studying nursing at the Richmond campus since 2018. After serving as a certified medical assistant for 11 years she said she wanted to be able to help her patients on a higher level.

The added commitment to schoolwork also meant that her two children, son Kahlel, soon to turn 15, and daughter Remirrah, 13, needed to up their commitment to helping the family succeed as a whole.

Tiffany said they were quick to pitch in. Most days she heads straight to class after working a full day while her children head home to start their own homework. They are often already in bed by the time she finally arrives home.

She said when her children see her hitting the books they know it is time to pitch in more around the house.

“They see me at my desk with my book open and they know they can’t bother mom right now,” she said. “It seems like that happens often. They are definitely my number one cheerleaders. They help around the house doing things they need to do to take the stress off of me. That’s definitely a blessing.”

Now with graduation in sight, just two months away, Tiffany said she is surprised most by how she has balanced the work, job, mom conundrum.

“I actually work two jobs and they say nursing school is so rigorous they really don’t want you to work more than 20 hours so you have time to dedicate to school work, and that is definitely the case. I just couldn’t do that,” she said. “I was surprised how I was able to balance it all.”

Those who know her well though, know she had the determination to reach her goal. It is the same advice she gives to other moms.

“I basically just tell them don’t put limits on themselves, they can do anything they put their mind to,” Tiffany said.

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