Alumni Spotlight: Q&A with 2020 Graduate Alyssa Shindel

Bryant & Stratton College alumni spotlight Alyssa Shindel

Alyssa Kia Shindel
Graduation Year: 2020
Major: Medical Reimbursement & Coding  

Why did you select your major?

It was in the medical field and there were a lot of jobs where I live.

What has your post-graduation experience been like?

It’s been great, the career advisors are still sending me job offers to choose from and helped me with my resume

Has your life improved after graduating?

Yes, I’m actually happier and proud because I have my degree and showed everyone that I could do it. I also passed all my classes with nothing lower than a 78!

Who helped you reach achieve your goals and reach graduation?

My advisors and family as well as the teachers!

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