Celebrate Nurses Appreciation Week 2022

Nurse wearing scrubs standing with her arms crossed.

Nurses are our superheroes who are always ready to answer the call when their community and patients need them to, and it is important that they always be recognized for their efforts.

National Nurses Week begins each year on May 6 and ends on May 12, and is designed to honor the strength, dedication, and perseverance of nurses in the field. Although one week is not nearly enough time to show thanks to the individuals who save lives every day, people everywhere take the opportunity to use this week to recognize their strength by sharing stories, thanking the individuals who have made an impact on them, and showing extreme appreciation for what they do every day. This year marks the 202nd year of celebrating Nurses Week, and although the week was made to honor all nurses, there are specific days dedicated to certain types of nurses. May 8 is National Student Nurse Day, May 11 is National School Nurse Day, and May 12 is International Nurses Day.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused nurses to work tirelessly on the front lines to save lives and ensure everyone who needs care gets it. In general, nursing can be stressful, but the pandemic has only amplified that over recent years. That being said, it is important to use Nurses Week to reach out to current and previous nurses around you to celebrate them and acknowledge the excellent care they give to their patients. Something as small as a thank-you card or a thoughtful video sent to a nurse, facility, or hospital that has touched your life can go a long way. No act is too small to show your healthcare heroes that you appreciate them and are thinking about them.

If you are a nurse, you should take full advantage of everything that the week has to offer. Organizations use their platforms to recognize you and everything that you provide to the community. They offer discounts, giveaways, and much more to show you their support. The praise is well deserved, and the amount you deserve is immeasurable. If you are a nurse, take some time during Nurses Week to reflect on the positive difference you and your colleagues make in the lives of others. Know that we at Bryant & Stratton College, along with countless others, appreciate everything you do in Nurses Week and every other day of the year.

Consider a Nursing Career

If you have been inspired by a nurse and are looking to advance your career in the nursing field, Bryant & Stratton College proudly offers career-focused nursing degree programs. With the experience and knowledge you will gain from our programs, you can pursue a number of different roles as a nurse. Take full advantage of everything we have to offer and start your path to a nursing career today.

Thank you to all of our nurses who continue to give their best efforts every day to make a difference in others’ lives. You are appreciated more than just this week.

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