April 17, 2023

Admissions 101: Advice from the Experts

By B&SC Admissions Team

Admissions 101: Advice from the Experts

With Labor Day fast approaching this weekend, for many, the end of summer means back to school. Deciding to enroll in college is a life changing event, and deserves that level of preparation when making the decision. Here are some helpful tips and insight into the college admissions process from the pros: our Admission’s Team!

1. What are common questions students have during the application and enrollment processes?

“Students are always concerned about how to finance their education and if the program will be affordable and worth the investment. They often inquire about program length, whether or not there is an application fee and what the job outlook for their chosen field of interest is currently.” – Sean Kennedy, Senior Admissions Representative

2. What kinds of higher education questions should be asked by prospective college students? “Students should absolutely make sure they are asking about a school’s accreditation. Choosing a school that is accredited is very important to ensure their degree is recognized everywhere. Surprisingly, a regional accreditation is higher ranking than a school with a national accreditation – Brooke Urban, Associate Admissions Representative

3. What are the college admissions requirements at Bryant & Stratton College Online? “There is a 5 step admissions process. First students will fill out a free online application for the program they are interested in. Secondly students will fill out their financial aid application or “FAFSA”. This way financial aid can begin building the student an award letter to show them exactly what aid they are eligible for. The 3rd step is to draft a short admissions essay describing themselves, what program they picked, why online education works best for them, and how they plan to be successful in the online environment. The 4th step is to fill out a transcript request form for every any high school or college the student attended. This gives us permission to obtain their transcripts, which we will do for the student at no fee. The 5th and final step requires students to complete two placement exams in Math and English to. help us schedule the student in the correct classes.” – Don Lando, Associate Director of Admissions

4. What are the three top qualities you need as a student to succeed in your college courses? “Motivation – College is not going to be walk in the park. It’s a challenge, but once you earn a degree your life can change tremendously.” – Ricky Braun, Senior Admissions Representative “Communication- stay in contact with instructors, advisors and fellow students to help keep you on track and connected.” -Sean Kennedy, Senior Admissions Representative “Organization- Designate a study area in your home” – Don Lando, Associate Director of Admissions

5. What is your advice on how to balancing coursework and a full-time job? “Set up a schedule designating a specific amount of time towards each class on a weekly basis. Do not procrastinate!” Ricky Braun, Senior Admissions Representative

6. How can Online Learning Fit into a student’s already busy schedule? “Online learning affords the students the flexibility of working on their school work anywhere and at any time, 24 hours a day. There is no specific time our students are required to log in for class, which gives our students the flexibility to manage their busy schedule and school.” – Brooke Urban, Associate Admissions Representative

7. Any final tips for success you can share with us? “Attitude is just as important, if not more so than aptitude. If you are committed to your success you will overcome any obstacle along the way!” – Sean Kennedy, Senior Admissions Representative

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