April 22, 2019

Bryant & Stratton College Admissions Tips

By B&SC Admissions Team

Bryant & Stratton College Admissions Tips

Applying for college is no small feat. It represents the first step in a process that will culminate with you crossing the stage as a college graduate. That’s why it is so important to complete the Bryant & Stratton College admissions process in a timely manner.

The admissions team at Bryant & Stratton College understands that today’s college students are often juggling a number of responsibilities. Whether that is work, family responsibilities or completing your final year of high school, we know that completing the admissions process isn’t the only thing you’re working on at any given time. We have taken steps to streamline our admissions process for both online and on-campus students and the following tips will help make that process a breeze.

Here are some tips for ensuring your college application is well received:

  1. Speak to an Admissions Representative: Before you take the time to apply, make sure you take the time to speak with one of our Admissions Representatives. Campus students will be able to take a tour while online students will have a chance to complete an informational interview which will allow any and all questions about Bryant & Stratton College to be answered.
  2. Don’t Hesistate: The sooner you fill out your college application, the sooner you can complete financial aid and get a schedule for our next semester. The last thing you want is to be scrambling to finish the process at the last minute.
  3. Prepare Your Information: It is wise to keep a “master list” handy so that whenever you need to submit a piece of information, or reach out to an advisor, you don’t have to dig around for the document or phone number. You will need to provide basic biographical information such as your name/address, birth date, and social security number, as well as a list of schools you have attended and their addresses.
  4. Be Ready with Transcripts: High school transcripts or GED completion documents will be needed as you go through the admissions process. You will also want to have any and all college transcripts on hand so our registrar can evaluate them for transfer credits. Our transfer credit policy allows unofficial transcripts to be evaluated, free of charge, so you can determine if you have eligibility to save time – and potentially money – as you pursue your degree.
  5. Answer Carefully: If you’re applying online, it’s important that you pay careful attention to spelling, numerical address entries, and grammar to ensure your application is accurate and will make a good impression on your admissions counselor.
  6. Letters of Reference. Unlike many colleges, Bryant & Stratton does not require letters of academic/personal reference for admittance to our online program. However, if you are applying for financial aid and have special circumstances that aren’t reflected in the traditional financial aid forms and/or tax documents, contact Bryant & Stratton’s Financial Aid office and speak with a counselor. We may request reference letters to support your case.
  7. Proofread. While grammar and spelling errors are not automatic disqualifications, they are a reflection on your attention to detail and intent. It can be a good idea to have someone proofread your application before you submit it. Otherwise, proofread it multiple times to make sure your information is correct.

These tips can help ensure your application is complete, accurate, and provides a true snapshot of who you are and what you offer to your prospective school. Please contact Bryant & Stratton College to begin your application.

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