October 12, 2022

PTA Alumni Spotlight: Meet Amanda Basso '19

By B&SC Blog Team

PTA Alumni Spotlight: Meet Amanda Basso '19

Alumni Spotlight: Meet Amanda Basso ’19

Program: AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant

Campus: Syracuse Downtown Campus

When beginning her journey to continue her education, Bryant & Stratton College alum Amanda Basso turned to her mother, who works in nursing, to learn about the different career paths she could take in the healthcare field. Knowing that Amanda had a passion for health and fitness, Amanda’s mom brought the idea of becoming a physical therapist assistant (PTA) to her daughter’s attention. Both Amanda and her mom felt that this career path aligned perfectly with her lifestyle, so Amanda took it into her own hands to begin her research. She learned about all the different avenues she could take with a PTA degree and decided that it was the right career path for her.

When searching for a college with a reputable physical therapist assistant program, Amanda remembered the banner she passed every day: the PTA sign hanging on the side of Bryant & Stratton College’s downtown campus. She applied, took a tour, met the staff, and was immediately excited to start her college career.

During her tour, Amanda met PTA Program Director Kirsten Nielsen and Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education Matthew Sweet, who eventually became huge inspirations and supporters to her during her time at Bryant & Stratton College. “Kirsten and Matt were some of the most helpful instructors I have ever had. They were always available to answer questions or review my work, and never let me feel like I was on my own,” Amanda said.

The small class sizes provided Amanda with the personalized education she was looking for and allowed her to build relationships with both her instructors and her classmates. Amanda shared, “My peers and I would practice our skills and study for classes together to ensure that we all understood what was going on. We spent so much time together that we became a family. We were always there to support each other, and we created bonds that allowed me to still be close friends with most of them after graduating.”

Amanda earned her degree as a PTA and jumped right into her career. She has now earned her way as a director of therapy for three different facilities at H2 Health Clinic. “During the past three years working as a PTA, I have worked with physical therapists who were extremely patient with me when I first started and have continued to teach me new things every day. Being able to build relationships with patients every day and help them meet their goals is so rewarding, and I know I have found the career for me,” Amanda said.

“My education at Bryant & Stratton College prepared me to become a successful PTA; it gave me the knowledge to educate patients who doubt therapy and be able to show them that they will get better and celebrate with them when they do,” said Amanda. “The one thing I use the most often in my career that I learned about from the PTA program is safety. Safety is one of the biggest aspects we focused on, and now that I work in the field, I believe that it is the most important.”

Amanda said, “I never felt like just a number at Bryant & Stratton College. I know that I could-and still can-rely on all my instructors and other staff at the college for help when I need it. This makes me proud to be a graduate of Bryant & Stratton College.” When asked if she would recommend the PTA program at Bryant & Stratton College, Amanda said, “I would tell anyone considering joining the program to just do it. The instructors are phenomenal, knowledgeable, and selfless, and you might even graduate with lifelong friends.”

Learn more about our physical therapist assistant program at Bryant & Stratton College here!

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