October 6, 2022

MA Alumni Spotlight: Meet Oudie Williams '22

By B&SC Blog Team

MA Alumni Spotlight: Meet Oudie Williams '22

Alumni Spotlight: Meet Oudie Williams ’22

Program: AAS Medical Assisting and BS, Medical Services Management

Campus: Richmond, VA

Medical Assisting (MA) alumnus Oudie Williams started her journey to continue her education when she was a young mom. Being a new resident in the Richmond, VA area, Oudie realized that she would need to find a college that would accommodate her needs as a parent along with being at a reasonable distance, as she did not have transportation after her move to Richmond. Oudie knew that she wanted to pursue a MA degree to make a difference in people’s lives. She loved the idea of being the first person a patient sees before the doctor comes in the room and being a listening ear that greets them with open arms. Her compassion for others and her experience after completing her degree gave her the confidence to start her career and make a difference.

As Oudie started her research to find a school with a MA program she discovered Bryant & Stratton College Richmond campus. The MA program at Bryant & Stratton College is designed to prepare students for a rewarding career in the medical field. Students will gain critical-thinking skills and the medical education needed to pursue several career opportunities in settings such as private practices, hospitals, clinics, and much more.

Bryant & Stratton College Richmond offered flexible class options to Oudie that would make it easier to be a student mom, along with providing transportation that picks up students from downtown Richmond and brings them directly to the campus.

“All I had to do was come to school, focus on my classes, and get good grades. Bryant & Stratton College made it easy for me to focus on my schoolwork and succeeding, and not about anything outside of the classroom. Bryant & Stratton was the total package for me” Oudie said. Having these options made it possible for Oudie to pursue her dreams after moving all while dealing with the daily life of a parent.

After graduating, Oudie was hired as an MA at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU Hematology and Oncology. Her education taught her all the MA skills she needed along with the ability to always be empathetic to her patients. Oudie shared, “I once had a patient that came to the clinic who had unexpectedly lost her husband. While I was getting her vitals, she began to tell me about her husband and became emotional. I gave her a hug and consoled her, and after her visit she thanked me for having such a warm heart. That is an example of one of the best rewards I could ever ask for as a MA”.

Situations like this are what keep Oudie passionate about medical assisting. Her drive to help others and make them feel comfortable in any situation allow her to be a successful medical assistant. Oudie is now confident and experienced enough to be able to give back to other students by sharing her knowledge and skills with new hires at her clinic.

“If you have been considering attending Bryant & Stratton College for the Medical Assisting program, take the leap. Your skills will be top notch and the bonds you create with the staff and your peers are amazing, especially because they want to see you succeed” Oudie said.

Learn more about Medical Assisting degrees at Bryant & Stratton College here!

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