May 27, 2022

Why we’re #ProudToBeABobcat, and you should be, too

By B&SC Blog Team

Why we’re #ProudToBeABobcat, and you should be, too

Going to school is an undertaking unlike any other, but you already know that. Between figuring out what you want to study, which classes to take, what are the best steps to getting your career started, it’s a lot. And the challenges compound if you’re a returning student or a parent (or both!). You’re probably thinking, “Then why am I doing this again?”

The most important reason to stand tall as a Bryant & Stratton College student is the one you already know: You’re bettering yourself. People with degrees generally outearn those without. And not by an insignificant sum. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2018, bachelor’s degree holders made a median of

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