July 29, 2022

Bryant & Stratton: More Than Traditional

By B&SC Blog Team

Bryant & Stratton: More Than Traditional

Higher education is shifting. Technological advances, plus the pandemic reorienting our lives, mean that people are rethinking college. Not the attending part; people still want degrees. After all, degrees allow us to get better jobs and advance in life. Not to mention the fact that, more and more, degrees are becoming a requirement for most professional jobs. A Pew Research Center analysis found that between 1980 and 2015, jobs requiring a “higher level of job preparation” grew by 68%, with the majority of jobs in educational services, healthcare, professional, and business industries requiring a four-year degree. But how people attend school is an evolving conversation. While the primary perk of attending college on-campus was the ability to experience on-campus resources, student comradery, and professor interface, people now realize that all those things are still possible without needing to attend school in the typical format. But our students could have told you that!

Bryant & Stratton College has long prided itself on being a college that meets you where you are, both literally and figuratively. Having offered online learning for over 20 years, Bryant & Stratton College has stayed ahead of the curve in making education accessible, particularly for our students who have taken a nontraditional route to higher education. Instead of high-priced dormitories, complicated class scheduling, and hard-to-access resources, we focus on providing the essentials of college so that you can focus on the important stuff: learning and completing your degree. That said, in key ways, Bryant & Stratton isn’t that different from a traditional school. We offer resources similar to traditional campus-based programs: internship opportunities, hands-on learning, modern facilities and equipment, and student life experiences. But we do it with the added bonus of convenience and flexibility to accommodate your life. It’s a traditional education for nontraditional students.

Career Services

Real-world experience can set you apart in the job market, while networking opportunities put you in touch with professionals in your chosen field, which is particularly useful for students without the connections to otherwise get in the door. That is why campus students are presented with internship opportunities as they work through their degree. Meanwhile, online students complete a rigorous capstone project at the end of their program.

The resources provided by Career Services are some of the hallmarks of our Career LifePrep® program. Take advantage, for example, of career-mapping, resume review, and other related services that the program offers. And the best part is that you’ll have access to Career LifePrep® even after you graduate.

Hands-on Learning

At most schools, you sit in a massive hall for 50 minutes while a professor lectures at you. Hardly the most effective way to learn. But at Bryant & Stratton College, in addition to the necessary theory, you get practical lessons that are informative and engaging. And since we offer blended learning options, some of these lessons can be done at your own pace without sacrificing the instructor interface you may need. An example of this model is our new Occupational Therapy Assistant blended program being offered at our Wauwatosa campus. The hybrid program offers lectures online that can be accessed anywhere, while students come onto campus one weekend a month for lab work. It’s the best of both worlds, at a pace that fits you and your needs.

Modern Facilities and Equipment

Bryant & Stratton College boasts 19 campuses across four states (New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Virginia) featuring modern facilities where students can work, learn, and study. Between our nursing labs, numerous computer classrooms, student lounges, private study spaces, and other specialized areas like esports labs, our campuses boast the features and facilities to help students thrive. Whether you’re trying to get active or need a quiet place to work on assignments, we’ve got it.

Student Life Experience

Did you know that Bryant & Stratton College offers athletic programs? We have teams across multiple campuses for more than 10 sports. From softball to golf to beach volleyball, there’s a team for you. Bobcats athletics boasts a championship pedigree: our Buffalo campus captured the 1974 National Little College Athletic Association (now known as the USCAA) title in basketball; the Syracuse campus has won three men’s soccer national championships; and the Syracuse campus women’s soccer team captured its first championship in the fall of 2021. The spring of 2021 saw student Javion Harrison win the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) high jump championship for our Wisconsin campus. He became the first individual athlete to win national honors for the Bobcats.

If you’re a gamer, we’ve got you covered. Bobcats athletics have expanded into the epsorts realm at our campuses in Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Parma, Wauwatosa, Virginia Beach, and Hampton. The Bobcats’ epsorts team in Virginia recently placed second at the NJCAAE Overwatch Championship.

Beyond sports, we have various clubs and organizations where you can socialize and meet other like-minded students.

It’s no secret. Bryant & Stratton College isn’t like traditional schools. That’s because we’re more than traditional. We have the education you need and the flexibility that allows you to tend to the demands of your life. The most important thing to us is that our students can get an education that helps them reach the next phase of their life. So, whatever your needs are, Bryant & Stratton College will help you find a way to make getting your degree work for you. Whether it’s taking virtual classes that you can do anywhere…or getting an internship to supplement your course load…or even just indulging in a fun hobby outside of class…we’ve got your back. And ultimately, that’s what sets us apart from other schools.