May 27, 2022

Davon Ware Strives to be a Voice for Student Athletes

By B&SC Athletics Team

Davon Ware Strives to be a Voice for Student Athletes

“The coaching staff at Bryant & Stratton College really take care of their athletes. They make sure we aren’t just improving as players but growing into better young men overall.”

That’s according to Bobcats basketball player Davon Ware as he reflects on how he has gotten to where he is today as a leader, a teammate, and a student.

The Buffalo native and godson of Buffalo Athletic Director Damone Brown committed to Bryant & Stratton College out of high school in 2019, citing encouragement from his godfather to consider the fast-growing athletics program, academic programs, and leadership opportunities as his motivation to enroll.

Fast forward to 2021, the Bobcats basketball star has already gained so much more than he could have imagined from his time at the school. Ware, now a Sophomore, is settling into his new role as the appointed President of the inaugural USCAA Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC), where he hopes to make a difference in the way that student athletes experience collegiate sports.

Crediting his decision to join the Bobcats program for helping him find his voice, Ware is excited to now use that voice to give a platform to all student athletes in the USCAA.

“I ran for President of the SAAC because I wanted to speak up for my fellow athletes and find ways to keep them engaged with their programs – especially after 2020,” said Davon Ware. “This is my first time taking on a role like this, and it is an honor, yet nerve-wracking because it’s the first year of the program. We want to do this right.”

After a difficult year for student athletes as programs had to adapt to seasons impacted by COVID-19, Ware and his fellow members of the SAAC are working with the USCAA to ensure that tournaments, travel, and championships are managed in the best interests of the players’ safety while preserving the exciting nature of the experience.

“Right now, the SAAC and I are coming up with sub-committees for all the different sports teams,” said Ware. “Those committees are brainstorming ways to enrich the experience of upcoming championship games for players to ensure that student athletes are able to enjoy themselves while minding the restrictions in place for our health and safety.”

As part of his role, Ware speaks frequently with his teammates and student athletes of other schools to get their opinions and insights on how the USCAA can improve their experience. He finds that student athletes appreciate feeling heard, and he’s honored to lend his voice to represent them to the Association.

“My coaches have played a major role in developing me into the leader I have become,” said Ware. “Not only did they encourage me to pursue the position, but they’re also always there to offer me advice when I need it.”

According to Ware, the opportunity to travel has also been a major benefit of being a Bryant & Stratton College Bobcat. As part of the USCAA, the Buffalo men’s basketball team plays games across the country against schools in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio – states that Ware had never been to prior and doesn’t believe he would have had the opportunity to visit in his lifetime had it not been for his participation in the program.

Currently a business major, Ware hopes to one day apply the leadership and interpersonal skills he has learned throughout his time at the College and as President of the SAAC to a career in motivational speaking or relationship counseling.