December 8, 2020

Meet Blue the Bobcat

By B&SC Athletics Team

Meet Blue the Bobcat

Bobcats are known as solitary, elusive predators. They defend their territory with vigor, can cover up to 10 feet in a single leap and will take down prey larger than them.

The Bobcats who represent Bryant & Stratton College on the court and on the field exhibit many of those same traits. The Bryant & Stratton Bobcats are ferocious in defending their home turf and they don’t shy away from facing tougher competition.

Cheering on the blue, green and white alongside our passionate student body is Blue the Bobcat, the big, furry and friendly mascot of Bryant & Stratton College. Blue carries a slightly different persona than his cousins in the wild. Named for the rich, bright blue found on the official Bryant & Stratton College seal and athletics logo, the energetic symbol of Bryant & Stratton College athletics is always wearing a big smile.

Blue the Bobcat is a symbol of Bryant & Stratton College’s rich athletics history, which includes the 1974 National Little College Athletic Association men’s basketball national championship, the 2001 NJCAA men’s soccer National Championship and the 2019 USCAA men’s soccer National Championship.

From Wisconsin to Virginia, Blue can be found bringing smiles and energy to Bryant & Stratton College students, faculty and staff. Blue can be found roaming the sidelines, campus hallways and other Bryant & Stratton College community events. He’s always ready to hand out a high five or big hug.

(Maybe) True Facts About Blue the Bobcat

  • Taught Lebron how to dunk
  • The Kardashians try to keep up with him
  • Beat Messi one-on-one
  • Qualified for the Olympic beach volleyball competition, by himself
  • Best buddies with Will Ferrell
  • Scrabble world champion