July 10, 2019

Bryant & Stratton College Launches EmployableYOU™

By B&SC News Team

Bryant & Stratton College Launches EmployableYOU™

Bryant & Stratton College announced that it will roll out EmployableYOU™ this winter — a focus on employability providing a guided experience that prepares students for the dynamics of the changing workplace.

EmployableYOU goes beyond traditional academic theory and textbook learning by enhancing important workplace capabilities such as teamwork, persistence, managerial potential, fiscal responsibility, technology skills, and literacy skills. EmployableYOU embeds these competencies into the curriculum for all students and provides students with ample opportunity to learn, master, and demonstrate these important work skills within every course in their program of study. Bryant & Stratton College has developed EmployableYOU in response to a critical need to create more meaningful connections between higher education and the workplace.

According to a 2013 survey by Bryant & Stratton College and Wakefield Research, 80 percent of 18-34 year olds believe they are job-ready and possess all the skills, experience, and education needed to advance in their desired career path or obtain their next job. In contrast, a study by McKinsey & Company found that almost 40 percent of employers planning to hire have had openings for six months or more. These employers attribute their inability to fill the openings to a lack of skills, qualifications, and training in entry-level applicants.

“Employers expect applicants to be job-ready in their knowledge and use of technology and in their communication and critical thinking skills,” said Cindy Susienka, President and CEO of Bryant & Stratton College. “However, employers tell us that many students entering the job market are behind in these important attributes. That is why we created EmployableYOU.”

By integrating career-related connections with classroom study, Bryant & Stratton College draws a powerful correlation between the classroom and the authentic work of each discipline. The newly launched EmployableYOU combines course content across the College with real-world activities and workplace competencies to develop skills that will help students to be successful in their careers.

“EmployableYOU is so much more than writing a resume and doing mock interviews. This experience is embedded into the curriculum. It builds tighter connections between theory-based learning in the classroom and the real-world needs of the workplace,” said Beth Tarquino, Chief Academic Officer.

“While career readiness has been at the heart of Bryant & Stratton College’s mission for the past 170 years, EmployableYOU addresses the needs of employers by putting academic study in the context of on-the-job career requirements in every class. EmployableYOU helps students gain confidence in their ability to articulate and demonstrate essential workplace knowledge, skills and abilities leading to success at every step.”

Under this fully integrated classroom-to-workplace experience, students develop and assess their career-related skills and embedded workplace capabilities by immersing themselves in their field of study. In this safe learning environment, students continue to practice and hone their skills while completing required courses. Students transfer their learning to employment preparation activities including portfolio preparation, mock interviews, resume writing, and internship/practicum experiences while leveraging placement resources.

To ensure that EmployableYOU is aligned to current workplace needs, Bryant & Stratton College has actively solicited the input from the employer community. The College’s commitment to fostering these critical relationships was evidenced by last month’s Employability Summit, where Bryant & Stratton College convened educator and employer stakeholders to create actionable solutions to the challenges employers are experiencing around workforce development.

To view a webcast of Bryant & Stratton’s recent Employability Summit, visit https://www.bryantstratton.edu/employability-summit/. To learn more about Bryant & Stratton College and EmployableYOU, go to https://www.bryantstratton.edu.

About Bryant & Stratton College Bryant & Stratton College is a private career college that provides career relevant education with a focus on employability and student success in a personalized environment. Bryant & Stratton College is an accredited institution and a member of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) www.msche.org. Bryant & Stratton College has campus locations in New York, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin, as well as an Online Education division, and a Professional Skill Center. For 170 years, Bryant & Stratton College has offered students access to career relevant education leading to bachelor’s degrees, associate’s degrees and professional certificates in the fields of business, criminal justice, design, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, human resources, paralegal studies and information technology. General information can also be found on the College’s website at https://www.bryantstratton.edu.

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