December 8, 2020

Important Factors for Choosing the Right Online College

By B&SC News Team

Important Factors for Choosing the Right Online College

Selecting where to apply for college is not an easy decision and finding the right fit is important for all students.

There are many factors to consider in selecting a school in order to make sure you will be able to thrive personally and academically. While online college is not right for everyone, it can be a great opportunity for people who like self-paced learning, need to balance school with a busy schedule or need a flexible schedule to meet family obligations. But, before you enroll, taking the time to think about some of the questions below will help you feel good about making an investment in your education and help you get to graduation.

Where to look? We probably don’t have to tell you the internet is a great resource. Today colleges have websites, social media profiles, blogs, webinars and other resources that can help you see what the school has to offer. There are also lots of sites that offer reviews of online degree programs where you can read what real students and alumni have to say. Looking at some of these resources will help you at least narrow your list of prospective schools.

Can I take a tour? Of course with an online college taking a physical tour isn’t possible, but talk to the college admissions representatives at your top schools about taking a virtual tour. Find out about the technology that is used, what resources are available to students and how classes are delivered. Learning more about the school’s offerings will help you judge the quality of the college and get a better understanding of online education.

Who can I talk to? During your virtual tour, make sure you’re able to speak with a variety of people at the college. Want to know what a class will be like? Set up time to speak or chat online with an instructor. Ask if there are students or alumni you can speak with or if the college can share what student have said about the school. Also, talk to the financial aid office to find out what kind of scholarships or grants might be available. You can also find a college’s social media profiles to see what students are saying or post a question and get their feedback directly.

What career help is offered? More than likely you are going to school to change or advance your career. As you gather information about a school, make sure you consider its career services offerings. You want to be sure the school you choose is focused on giving you the right skills to manage your career. Talk to the career services counselors about what resources are available to students and look online for information about job placement rates.

Finding a school that is just as invested in your employability as you are can be important to your future success. You want to make a good decision when selecting an online college. So, it’s time to start researching and asking questions. Good luck in your search!

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