December 8, 2020

Instructor Blog: Juggling School and the Holidays

By B&SC News Team

Instructor Blog: Juggling School and the Holidays

For many students, December is a busy time of juggling holidays and the end of school. While some of the time crunch can’t be avoided, a little perspective can help keep you from getting caught up in unnecessary stress.

The most important question to ask is: What is important to you? There are almost endless opportunities for holiday celebrations, and an endless to-do list. Without prioritizing, it can be easy to run out of time for schoolwork.

For me, sending out Christmas cards was challenging with my work obligations. After a few years of stressing out, I realized two important things. The first was that most people on my Christmas card list already knew what was going on in our family and had seen recent pictures of us. The other was that I had ample opportunity to send cards around New Year’s. Then, you can even include family pictures from the holiday itself! I was able to preserve something I enjoyed without unnecessary stress. I haven’t received a single complaint from family or friends.

Another important consideration is to look at what is important in the long term. While so much about the holidays may either seem obligatory or something you just don’t want to miss, it’s important to think about what might be sacrificed by each holiday party attended. Not devoting time to schoolwork will have long-lasting impact. Time management is essential for ensuring you spend the time you want to devote to schoolwork. Look closely at the requirements for your courses. Which courses have final exams? How are you progressing on your portfolio projects, and how much time do you need to complete a quality project?

As you carve time for your schoolwork, think about how the knowledge you are learning will help you in your career. Think about why you want to finish school. This will also help you avoid giving in to obligations you don’t feel that you have time for

If it feels like it is already too late to avoid stress this year, it is certainly not too late for next year! Think about what you could change for next year that will help you accomplish more. Would you be less stressed if you started portfolio projects sooner? Are there friends or family members you can agree to see slightly after the holidays? They might be as relieved as you! Thinking ahead about how to balance school and work is an essential tool for enjoying balance in career and life. What a great gift to give yourself!

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