September 7, 2017

Staff Spotlight: Lauren Watt, Associate Admissions Representative

By B&SC News Team

Staff Spotlight: Lauren Watt, Associate Admissions Representative

Giving is a key word for Lauren Watt. One of Bryant & Stratton College Online’s most outgoing and friendly Admissions Representatives, Lauren also finds time outside of work to give back to others.

Lauren graduated from Canisius College in Buffalo, NY with a major in adolescent education in mathematics. She is also certified to teach math in grades 5-12. In addition to being a self-proclaimed mathlete, Lauren is also an avid dancer and many outdoor activities. Even though Buffalo is best known for snow, Lauren takes full advantage of the countless summer activities in Western New York. She has her boating and motorcycle license and can be found at nearly any concert you name during Buffalo’s wonderful summer months.

When there’s snow on the ground Lauren is on the slopes honing her skills as a snowboarder. However, dance is Lauren’s true passion. She teaches classes to this day and has been dancing herself since she was four. Lauren says acrobatics is her true passion (she can walk on her hands) and she’s earned four separate scholarships for tap as well. The team here can always count on Lauren to brighten their spirits on a weekly basis and her personality glows outside of the workplace as well. In addition to the dance classes she teaches, Lauren teaches a special education dance class at a local school along with doing additional volunteer work for both children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Favorite thing about Bryant & Stratton College: I love learning all about my students and their stories – their history, why they want to go to school, their life goals, and helping them to achieve it. My co-workers are also amazing and so fun to work with. There’s always someone willing to help out and it’s a great environment to be in.

Most Memorable Student: Definitely Amy S. I had only been working here a short time and she was actually one of the first students that I enrolled – I was so nervous and had so many questions to make sure I was doing the right things. After she had been in classes for a while, I touched base to make sure everything was going fine and to see how classes were going. She wrote me a very long and sweet email of how much she loves school and everything was going great. She also mentioned how nervous she gets at starting new things, but I made her feel at ease the entire process and she was so thankful that I was the one to work with her. I was so happy to hear that my new-girl nervousness didn’t transfer over the phone and that she was so successful!

Advice for new students: Keep your eyes on the prize and remember why you started this journey in the first place. College may not always be a walk in the park, but the end result is something that nobody can take away from you. Remember [and use] the support that you have from your advisors here at Bryant & Stratton College Online, and keep in touch with us – we love to help and hear your success stories!

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