September 7, 2017

Staff Spotlight: Megan VillaReale, Associate Admissions Representative

By B&SC News Team

Staff Spotlight: Megan VillaReale, Associate Admissions Representative

Her role as an Admissions Representative means that Megan VillaReale spends quite a bit of time connecting with students on a daily basis.

However that hasn’t prevented her from enjoying one of her favorite hobbies away from work. Megan has amassed an impressive rotary phone collection over the past few years. While she doesn’t have a specific reason for her fascination, she gives a lot of credit to the phone she consistently used at her grandmother’s house.

“There are so many different styles and colors of rotary phones that it’s almost a challenge to find new ones,”

Megan said. Megan’s interests do extend well beyond her phone collection, however. She’s a movie buff who also loves to get out and camp whenever the opportunity presents itself. Her love for DIY Pintrest projects and the holidays hints that her home is probably sports the coolest decorations on the block each year. In fact, Megan went full-DIY last year at Halloween, making her own Rubik’s Cube costume for the holiday.

Favorite thing about Bryant & Stratton College: I work with a great group of people who are supportive of each other and it’s a great feeling knowing you’ve helped people achieve their educational goals.

Favorite Student Story: One of the best feelings I’ve had while working with Bryant & Stratton College Online is when I saw my first student on the graduation list. I clearly remember working with her and how much she wanted her degree to start a new career and life for herself so couldn’t help but be so proud of her and glad I was able to share in her success.

Advice for new students: NEVER be afraid to ask for help!! It is better to make an educated decision than just taking a shot in the dark.

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