May 27, 2022

Looking to Become an Administrative Assistant? Here's How to Stand Out

By B&SC Blog Team

Looking to Become an Administrative Assistant? Here's How to Stand Out

The role of the administrative assistant can be found everywhere in the corporate world. Qualified administrative assistants, those with an in-demand and highly unique set of skills, are able to work in nearly every industry. They have the opportunity to have a direct impact on an organization’s overall success. Administrative assistants not only provide clerical support to various people in an organizational setting, they play an integral role in keeping daily operations running smoothly.

In order to secure a top administrative assistant position, you will need to stand out from the crowd. Here’s how you can set yourself apart from other candidates:

Be Resourceful

In many ways, the administrative assistant is the backbone of the organization. If you are working as an administrative assistant, you have to be able to adapt quickly and be flexible in your role. One of the most important ways that you can stand out is to prove that you are resourceful. You need to make the most out of what you have available and be able to produce the results that the organization needs in a short amount of time.

Highlight Your Skills

If you want to become an administrative assistant, pursue an education steeped in the skills you’ll use in this position. For example, choose a degree program that focuses on clerical expertise, that takes an in-depth look at spreadsheet generation and maintenance, and delves into website coding. When you can showcase these skills on your resume and prove that you know how to use them in the office setting, you will quickly get put at the top of the job candidate list.

Train with the Latest Technology

Administrative assistants must be familiar with the latest technologies, so continuing education is incredibly important. To start, enroll in a program that covers many different types of technology. Administrative assistants often use the following types of technology:

  • Cloud-based Calendars
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Digital Editing Software
  • Project Management Apps
  • Digital Database Managers

Ultimately, it’s important to enroll in a program that is taught by people who have worked as administrative assistants in the past. These professionals can help you better understand the technology that you are studying and provide you with insight into how you will utilize this technology in the workplace.

Communicate Effectively and Efficiently

Administrative assistants have to be good communicators. You will often be the person responsible for responding to e-mails, setting up appointments and relaying messages to other people within the office. It is important that you understand how to communicate in a professional setting, and that you understand how important it is to provide people with the information they need as quickly as possible. As the administrative assistant, you are often the first person that an individual interacts with from your organization. Your ability to communicate effectively will leave a lasting impression on those who are doing business with your company.

Showcase Your Time Management Skills

Multi-tasking will be part of your daily life, and you will be responsible for making sure that everyone stays on schedule. In order to get one of the top administrative assistant positions, you will need to showcase your time-management skills. Showing up on time and fully prepared for your interview is the first step in proving that you know how to manage your own time well. You also can highlight work you have done on collaborative projects and you can show how you have met all of your deadlines in the past.

Offer Creative Support and Insight

The administrative assistant plays a vital role in the office team. You should be able to use your education and professional experience to provide your future team with creative ideas to help the organization grow. By understanding the unique role that you have to play in the office environment, you should be able to naturally anticipate the needs of those in the office. Offering this administrative support will allow everyone to maximize their efficiency and increase their productivity. Employers know that prospective administrative assistants with the right degree and training will be able to provide the best possible support and insight.

Prioritize Professionalism

As the administrative assistant, you represent the face, voice and tone of the organization you are working for. You need to be ready to work in a fast-paced professional environment, which means that you need to act, dress and speak the part. If you are searching for an administrative assistant position at one of the top companies in your area, professionalism needs to be a top priority. Be sure to dress for the job when you show up to your interview, and always greet people in a polite, friendly and professional manner. The way you present yourself will say a lot about who you are as a person and as a professional administrative assistant.

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