December 8, 2020

Business Courses Focus on Skills Students will use Everyday

By B&SC Blog Team

Business Courses Focus on Skills Students will use Everyday

On the first day of class the students in Stacy Durham’s Bryant & Stratton College business class are from all walks of life and come with a wide spectrum of professional experience.

By the last day of class Durham said she works to make sure each is operating a professional level that will carry them into their next job interview and beyond.

“The emphasis is that to be successful at college you have to have professionalism,” Durham said. “We are teaching professionalism all the time.”

In her classes learning to be a successful student means practicing many professional skills that employers will value as well, such as turning in assignments on time, being on time to class and being accountable.

“These expectations actual transpire to the workplace,” Durham said. “You can’t come late to class or to work.”

Durham also helps students hone more intense business skills such as networking and managing personal growth.

“We learn a lot about the business dynamic and how business impacts them overall,” she said.

At the semester’s end, Durham said all of her students, regardless of level, can be certain they will be able to take much of what they learned back to a professional level and thrive among their peers.

“We cover things they can relate to and take back and have that conversation with their manager and the co-workers in their lives,” she said.

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