April 22, 2019

Ten Great Career Options for Business Degree Graduates

By B&SC Blog Team

Ten Great Career Options for Business Degree Graduates

If you enjoy working with people, an online business degree will provide the education and skills you need to work in a variety of professional environments. From human resources and office management positions to factories, restaurants, or banks, your degree will prepare you for a job in virtually any field of interest.

What Jobs can I get with a Business Degree?

For anyone who has ever wondered about business degree career options, here are ten great career options. All job growth statistics are provided by O*Net Online.

  1. General/Operations Manager: General and Operational managers oversee the operations of both public and private sector industries. They create policies, manage employees, and control the day-to-day operations.
  2. Office Manager Office managers are responsible for creating schedules and tracking employee performance for regular reviews. They serve as the liaison between upper management and staff, and their responsibilities include creating/managing budgets, scheduling, and ordering supplies.
  3. Assistant Manager You will work under your department’s manager to facilitate customer relations while ensuring your retail department is organized and employees are working efficiently.
  4. Administrative Assistant  An administrative assistant works directly under the office manager, or a direct supervisor, to keep the office running efficiently. This includes answering phones and typing tasks, to supply ordering, making copies, and managing electronic filing systems.
  5. Office Clerk As an office clerk, you will work under your administrative assistant to facilitate its daily operations. You will greet clients, answer phones, make copies, and procure whatever items your supervisors’ request.
  6. Human Resources Specialist Your online business degree is the ideal starting point for a career in human resources (HR). As an HR specialist, you will assist in the employee hiring process, and you will work actively to maintain the well-being of the company’s current employee and management relations. The job growth for HR specialists is faster than average.
  7. First Line Supervisors for Food Preparation You will be responsible for the food preparation line, as well as the satisfaction of your establishment’s guests. You create schedules, oversee inventory, and ensure food preparation staff is working in accordance with current safety standards. The projected job growth is average.
  8. Sales Representatives While you may have a particular area of interest, your greatest asset is your ability to learn about any product or service, and leverage your online business degree program training to show others how your company’s products/services provide a solution. The job growth projections are average.
  9. Retail Sales In retail sales, you greet customers, listen to their concerns or needs, and educate them about how particular products or goods will meet those needs. Your customer service skills must be impeccable. The job growth outlook is average.
  10. Bank Teller As a bank teller, your job is to accurately conduct monetary transactions for all levels of bank clientele, from large corporations and merchants to personal banking customers. It is the starting ground for many who go on to work in higher-level finance and loan officer positions.

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