April 22, 2019

What Careers does a Financial Support Services Degree Prepare for?

By B&SC Blog Team

What Careers does a Financial Support Services Degree Prepare for?

The financial services field is a great option for individuals who have a passion for numbers and helping people. Having the right career information about possible professional paths can help you determine if the industry is right for you and which job you should consider.

Below is some key information about some of the most common types of careers you can get with an associate degree in Financial Support Services.

Sales Agent in Financial Services – Working directly with clients is a big part of this job. Your title might be client manager, financial services representative, financial specialist, investment officer, personal banker, relationship manager or another option but your main duty will be to determine the financial services needs of the client and recommend a solution. Additional responsibilities could include reviewing business trends to advise a client on future fluctuations, making presentations on financial services to attract new clients and preparing forms or agreements to finalize the sale of a financial service product. Strong verbal skills, customer service, critical thinking and persuasion are all part of this career. Additionally, you will want to be sure you have a good grasp on math, principles of economics and accounting, and sales and marketing. Many of the positions in this career require an associate’s financial services degree or an equivalent associates degree. The national median salary is

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