May 15, 2019

Decide on a Degree When you Know the Type of Accounting Job you Want

By B&SC Blog Team

Decide on a Degree When you Know the Type of Accounting Job you Want

Choosing to pursue an online accounting degree is an excellent first step toward a career in accounting. According to recent statistics from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics the job outlook for those with an accounting degree is expected to grow at a rate of 11% until 2024. This growth will result in the need for an additional 142,400 professionals in the same time period.

This increased professional demand is just one of several reasons choosing an accounting degree may be ideal for you. Other reasons to consider pursuing your accounting degree online include: 

  • Diverse Types of Accounting Jobs A degree in accounting will allow you the freedom to focus your work in a variety of related professions including auditing, tax accounting, financial and cost accounting, management accounting, financial management or analysis, business management or budget analysis. The fact that accountants are necessary across a wide variety of industries also expands the possible diversity of your future work. You could choose to use your accounting degree in government, non-profit, business, or education fields.
  • A Career for the Future The advent of new technology has impacted today’s accounting professionals in a variety of ways and has helped to point the profession toward the future. The accounting profession is constantly evolving to adapt to the advancement of technology that aids in processing, retrieving, and communicating financial information. These changes allow those in the accounting field to better serve clients and to adapt their work to the needs of their employer. As an accounting professional you may also be working on an assignment that has unique technological implementation requirements. These may alter the way financial transactions and reporting occur, how a client accesses and updates ongoing data, and your mode of communication with the client.
  • Rigorous and Relevant Coursework The online accounting degree program is designed to prepare students for a workplace that is both challenging and constantly changing. The Bryant & Stratton College Online coursework not only applies to today’s accounting profession but helps students look ahead to the future of the profession with the necessary skills. Students study and learn to apply financial theory and tax law and will understand taxation issues involving economics and social policies. Graduates will be able to apply the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and integrate accounting practices with business related computer applications.  Also, the coursework is designed to emphasize the importance of ethical accounting practices and behaviors and how professionals should operate within the workplace.

Choosing to pursue your accounting degree online will give you the necessary knowledge and training to seek a career that is both rewarding and in high demand.  A degree in accounting is the perfect next step to your future career.

Contact the Admissions office if you want to know more about types of accounting degrees you can get to achieve your career goals.

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