August 7, 2019

Digital Marketing - The Future is Here

By B&SC Blog Team

Digital Marketing - The Future is Here

Looking for a career that lets you flex your creative muscle and be a part of the brave new digital world? If so, digital marketing may be the right path for you.

Digital marketing specialists help a company or organization tailor their marketing plans to suit today’s online, on-demand world. Job duties might include designing an online marketing plan utilizing social media and other tools, creating and managing a company’s online brand and identity, communicating with customers and clients via social media, analyzing online metrics, and training staff and management in digital marketing and social media techniques.

Experts in the industry predict the career field will be quick to expand in the next few years.

“Digital Marketing is a great career choice because it really is the future of marketing,” said Danielle Bucella, an instructor in Bryant & Stratton College’s digital marketing program. “Traditional marketing strategies are still useful, but they’re not what businesses are designing when putting together their marketing plans. It’s all about digital marketing in today’s day and age.”

Online job search portals like list hundreds of positions in digital marketing everyday. Available jobs range from working for a small local business to some of the largest corporations in America.

A recent study by McKinley Marketing Partners, an online job recruiter, found that 90 percent of all marketing roles require digital skills and that digital marketing specifically would see at least a 10 percent increase in hiring this year.

More over, the study predicted that 26 percent of digital marketing hires this year would be entry level employees.

Salaries for experienced digital marketing managers can range as high as

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