April 22, 2019

Working in Hospitality Management - Oh the Places You'll Go!

By B&SC Blog Team

Working in Hospitality Management - Oh the Places You'll Go!

A hospitality management degree helps prepare you for a variety of different kinds of jobs. These types of degree programs typically prepare you for careers in leadership roles where you are in charge of ensuring the best possible customer service, quality, value and experience for customers. In order to succeed you’ll need a deep understanding of several areas of business, including marketing, management, sales, operations and finance. You’ll also the type of employability skills hiring managers look for, such as verbal and written communications skills, creative thinking, ability to work well in a team, reliability and time management, among others.

Once you’ve earned a degree and mastered these skills, you’ll be ready to look for a career in hospitality management. As you kick off your job search, or even before, consider the places below where many graduates of hospitality management degree programs put their knowledge to use.


Being a casino manager can be a thrilling job. Of course, you can only find these positions in states where gambling is legal so there is limited availability. As a casino manager you’ll be in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly. From determining how many dealers you need on the floor to keeping an eye out for anyone cheating the system, a casino manager must be aware of everything happening. Additionally, given the large amount of money that changes hands at major casinos, as a manager you’ll also have to ensure the security of all cash exchanging hands.


Lodging can cover anything from hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts or resorts. As a lodging manager you’ll be in charge of making sure that everything behind the scenes runs smoothly so guests have the best possible experience. A good lodging manager should have a good understanding of the whole hotel, from room service to registering guests to billing. You may also have to lead marketing and sales efforts in order to keep attracting new customers.

Spa services

Spa services have really grown in recent years, from individual salons to departments within hotels. If you are a spa services manager you’ll be in charge of the general operations of the spa. One of the most important parts of the jobs is hiring the right people. Depending on the services offered you’ll need friendly, responsible people to staff the reception area, licensed massage therapists, technicians, certified estheticians, and maybe even laundry services. You’ll also be in charge of setting specials and marketing to new customers. People visit spas to relax so it’s important that the manager make sure everything runs smoothly.

Sports venues

Sports venues can be an exciting place to work. In addition to the athletic events that take place, people in the community from foundations to corporations to individual parties may want to reserve portions of the arena for special events. As a manager of a sports venue you’ll be responsible for marketing, business operations, catering services operations, event management and sometimes even travel and logistics coordination. Since there are limited sports venues in every city, getting these jobs can be difficult and it is a lot of work but the few who do get them find them rewarding.

Travel and Tourism

Within travel and tourism you may work as a cruise director, tour director, travel agent or a sales manager. If you select one of these career paths you could book travel, organize entertainment, or plan trips for individuals, groups or companies. You will also be in charge of marketing, sales, hiring and training staff and managing budgets. The travel and tourism sector is a great for anyone who loves travel as they often get to travel with groups themselves or receive discounts from vendor partners. This is very helpful if you are a travel agent as you can offer recommendations and first-hand knowledge to your clients.

If you value good customer service, enjoy working with people and have good communications skills working in the hospitality industry might be a good fit. Bryant & Stratton College offers an online hospitality management degree that will help you prepare for success in this field. For more information, call 1.888.447.3528 to speak with an admissions representative.

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