March 10, 2022

Is Accounting Really Boring?

By B&SC Blog Team

Is Accounting Really Boring?

When you think of accounting, do you imagine hours of dull work slogging through dry numbers? While Accounting may get a bad reputation for being a boring occupation, but its image is entirely undeserved. Accounting is not boring and, if you have a knack for numbers, you may find that accounting is an exciting option that provides you with fresh daily challenges and a great sense of accomplishment.

Intriguing Careers in Accounting

Not all accounting jobs are created equal, and the employees who fit into these positions are as diverse as the tasks themselves. Ask a group of accountants why accounting was their chosen occupation and you’ll likely get a wealth of different answers. This field offers suitable positions for many different personality types. Some of the jobs you may find include:

  • Public accountant – handles auditing, taxes, consultations, and general accounting for varied clients ranging from major corporations to individuals
  • Auditor – may work internally or externally, inspecting financial records for disparities and opportunities to improve efficiency
  • Management accountant – works internally to handle budgeting and accounting for a specific company
  • Forensic accountant – investigates financial records and prepares expert evidence that can be used in trial
  • non-profit accountant – manages finances and budgetary concerns for non-profit organizations
  • Personal financial advisor – works with individual clients to help them achieve their personal goals regarding investments, taxes, and insurance

Whether you’re intrigued by tax laws, or you have an eye for improving manufacturing processes, there’s an accounting job that will let you indulge your interests while earning a good salary. The median wage for accountants and auditors is

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