July 7, 2022

The Importance Of Making Connections During College

By B&SC Blog Team

The Importance Of Making Connections During College

College is one of the most important parts in landing a career in your chosen field. Your education and grades play a crucial role in helping you earn a job after college, but making connections and networking are what will make the most out of your college experience. Trying to find a job right out of college can feel stressful and overwhelming, but if you build relationships with the correct people, it does not have to be. Having individuals who know you and your skills before you step out into the workforce can give you an advantage over other candidates. At Bryant & Stratton College, we want you to be aware of the importance of building connections during your college career and how to do it.

The Importance of Networking in College

Networking is building strong connections with instructors, peers, employers, professionals, and anyone else in your field who usually have the same common interests at all different levels. The goal after going to college is to land a career in your specific field, and knowing the right people who can get you there can be an essential way of accomplishing this. Knowing the right people in your field will help you stand out from other graduates who will also be searching for the same job as you. College is where you will get the most experience and knowledge on your specific career path before you get a job, and you will be able to learn from individuals who have worked or are working in the field and can help you prepare for what you should expect.

Tips for How to Make Connections in College

While you may feel like networking can be difficult for you or outside your comfort zone, there are many ways that you can gain professional connections – and one of these options will work for you. Talking to your instructors is one of the easiest ways to network in college. You are surrounded by professionals who have firsthand experience that they can share with you. Building relationships with your instructors may open doors for you without you even realizing it. You can also connect with an advisor or other people from career services at your university. Take the time to develop and maintain these relationships, as these individuals may write letters of recommendation or help you meet their connections for future internship or job opportunities.

Obtaining internships is another way you can connect with professionals outside the classroom during your time in college. Internships are an amazing way to both get experience on location and to meet employees who can give you tips and tricks that can help you in the future.

Creating a LinkedIn account is a great way to connect with employers, other college students, alumni, and other individuals who can help you during your job search. Keeping your social media profile up to date with all your experience and qualifications will help employers find you and match you to job openings. The earlier you start your profile, the better. Waiting until graduation is on the horizon will not be as helpful, as you should connect with professionals while you know them well. The more you put it off, the harder it may be to connect with these individuals years down the road.

You should remember that you should always do your best to make the right impression on anyone you meet throughout your time in college. As easy as it can be for someone to put in a recommendation for you to an employer, it is just as easy for someone to share a negative experience they had with you. Always remember to stay professional and treat your education and schoolwork as you would a job: show up on time, have engaging conversations, and always be ready to learn. The more time and effort you put into your time in college, the more you will get out of it.

Our Approach to Career Services

At Bryant & Stratton College, we prioritize preparing our students for life outside the classroom. Our Career LifePrep experience provides ongoing career guidance for current students as well as alumni. We provide personalized career plans, internship opportunities, resume help, and more! If you are interested in advancing your education at Bryant & Stratton College, we are here to help.

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