April 18, 2019

What Employers Want: Five Skills to Gain in College

By B&SC Career Services Team

What Employers Want: Five Skills to Gain in College

Do you ever wish that you could read the minds of employers to figure out what they want? Unfortunately, this is not possible, but a number of books, movies and television shows suggest that mindreading isn’t a very good idea anyway.

Luckily, you don’t have to read minds to become more employable. Through Bryant & Stratton College’s Career LifePrep program, students receive the support necessary to succeed in the classroom and beyond. Based on input from industry experts, coursework is designed to teach you not only the technical skills of your trade, but also the essential core capabilities that make you versatile, adaptable and valuable in any workplace.

Here are five key skills employers look for that Bryant & Stratton College teaches to help every student on their path to a successful career:

Teamwork: No matter what field you go into, or what position you hold, it’s likely that you’ll have to work with a team. Tolerance, clear communication and a positive attitude are all requirements to effectively collaborate with others.

Service orientation: You don’t have to be a natural “people person” to act like one. Interpersonal skills – and a little perseverance – will help you remain professional in any and every workplace situation.

Managerial skills: This is an ability that builds off of several others. It requires being able to work with your colleagues, to solve problems, and most of all, to be a leader. Being in a managerial role requires enthusiasm, persuasiveness and critical thinking.

Work Discipline: In the real world, no one is going to hold your hand. Any career path will require you to be a self-starter who keeps track of your own duties and deadlines. Developing a strong work ethic allows you to optimize your productivity and dependability.

Literacy: In a constantly evolving work environment, you’ve got to be able to keep pace with the times. It’s important to master key informational, technological and financial proficiencies, while “learning how to learn” so that you can adapt to your ever-changing role in a company.

Now that you don’t have to worry about learning mind reading abilities to find out what employers are looking for, your time is freed up to work on these core competencies. You’re welcome.

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