April 17, 2019

Where to Find Career Information and Advice

By B&SC Career Services Team

Where to Find Career Information and Advice

Information about career management is everywhere. But, what information can you trust and what’s best to pass over?

You can think, getting advice from your mom, brother, aunt, friend or neighbor might seem like a good idea but these well-meaning, “inner circle” confidants may lead you astray. If you’re looking for sound advice, it’s probably best to trust experts. The career services department at your college can be a useful resource but you can supplement the information they give you in other ways. Reading blogs or following the tweets of career experts is a great way to get resume help, interview tips and other career management advice. A few great places to start are the CareerRookie blog managed by CareerBuilder, the “News” section of LinkedIn, Evil HR Lady or the blog at FlexJobs.com. Another avenue to try is visiting your local library (or Amazon.com) to check out career advice books. To get you started below are four of our favorites.

Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions – Matt DeLuca and Nanett DeLuca continue their popular series with this updated edition highlighting advice for interviews. The guide opens the door on the interview process to readers so they understand what is going to be asked and why the question is being asked.

Getting from College to Career – Career Expert and Global Spokesperson for LinkedIn, Lindsey Pollak packs in plenty of practical tips for anyone navigating the gap between graduation and that first job. She also answers that universal question of “How do you get a job without experience and get experience without a job?”

Me 2.0: 4 Steps to Building Your Future – Author Dan Schawbel is a noted expert on Gen Y and creating a personal brand and in this book he teaches readers how to use social media tools to find a job, change careers or get ahead at their current position. The book walks readers through discovering, creating, communicating and maintaining a personal brand that is key to being successful in the modern workplace.

StrengthsFinder 2.0 – Written by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton, this follow-up to Now, Discover Your Strengths, builds on the authors’ idea that it is more valuable to build on an employees strengths rather than focus on an individual’s weaknesses. The book includes a personal online assessment, which helps readers identify their own strengths as identified by the “Clifton Strengths Finder” and actionable ideas on how to build on these strengths.

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