August 7, 2019

Jobs That Take You Around the World

By B&SC Career Services Team

Jobs That Take You Around the World

If you’re interested in a career that offers you the ability to see the world, you might consider looking into the hospitality industry. While many people picture hotel clerks and restaurant managers when they think of this industry, it has a lot more to offer, including a number of jobs that involve traveling. Here we’ll look into some of those occupations to give travel-loving career-seekers some insight on what is available to them within this very diverse and growing industry.

Cruise Ship Jobs

Cruise ship employment can be a great way to build a successful hospitality career while getting paid to see the world. After all, they offer a bit of virtually everything that falls under the hospitality industry umbrella, including on-board hotel accommodations, restaurants, bars, entertainment, travel, tourism and much more. That means that they need hotel managers, desk clerks and other employees experienced with lodging, as well as restaurant/bar managers and staff. They also employ people experienced in managing entertainment venues, including, in some cases, casinos, as well as tourism specialists to manage passenger tours and other events at ports of call. The variety of opportunities that cruise ship employment offers makes it one of the more popular options for building careers that involve traveling.

Jobs at State Parks, National Parks, Seasonal Resorts

Many of these venues offer a wide range of hospitality jobs, from hotel and restaurant management to tour professionals and much more. Often, these are seasonal posts, and many – especially those in remote areas – provide housing and meals on-site. As you build your career, these positions can offer the opportunity to take advantage of traveling jobs throughout the U.S. and abroad, experiencing new states and/or countries as often as every few months.

Superyacht Jobs

Many jobs on these luxury yachts are very similar to those you’ll find in 5 star hotels – with the added benefit of travel. Like those hotels, there are a variety of hospitality positions on superyachts, ranging from steward/ess to housekeeping, dining/bar services to entertainment, as well as management positions associated with all of these hospitality functions. Not only do these positions offer the opportunity for extensive travel, experienced employees tend to be well paid and living expenses low, since room and board is part of the package.

Other possibilities for getting traveling careers underway include international work and travel agencies/programs and employment with national/international hotel, resort or casino chains. Of course, as with any other field, building a career in the hospitality industry means getting the education and credentials you need to get your foot in the door and make your way up the career ladder.

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