September 7, 2017

Getting Hired: 5 Thank You Note Mistakes to Avoid

By B&SC Career Services Team

Getting Hired: 5 Thank You Note Mistakes to Avoid

Your efforts toward getting hired for a position should not end at the job interview. It is important to follow up with potential employers to show them that you really care about earning a spot at their company. This is why it is absolutely necessary that you send a thank you note following an interview. But the gesture alone will not help you. Here are some common mistakes to avoid and tips to help write the best way to write an interview thank you note to a potential employer.

1. Get their contact information The biggest mistake you can make right out of the gate is to not get your interviewer’s contact information – an error that can prevent you from sending any thank-you at all. Often, the interviewer will offer you a business card, but if they don’t, speak up and ask them how you may follow up with them after the interview.

2. Don’t be generic Employers receive a lot of thank you notes from potential employees, so chances are they can tell when you send a very generic response. The gesture alone will get you nowhere. Sending an honest, thoughtful note will let an employer know that you actually got something out of the conversation and care about the position.

3. Say more than just “thank you” The point of a thank you note is not just to thank someone for taking the time to meet with you. Instead, use the note as an opportunity to display your enthusiasm for the position and the company. Build upon the previous conversation by mentioning specifics from your interview, and display how you can be an asset to their team.

4. Don’t leave anyone out It’s important to make sure that you send a note to every person you spoke with during an interview. Leaving someone out could give that person, and the company, a bad impression. Be sure not to duplicate the same note to each person. As previously mentioned, a generic note will not score you any points with a potential employer.

5. Be prompt It’s important to send your thank you note in a timely fashion – within a few days of the interview – as employers often have to make quick decisions. If you wait too long to send one, you might be too late. If you’re sending a thank you note via email, wait at least a few hours after the interview before you send it. If you send an email immediately following your meeting, it might appear that you pre-drafted a generic note, rather than crafting an original message. Looking for an online college degree program that will help you prepare for a career?

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