April 22, 2019

Resume Writing 101: Resume Help for Today’s Job Search

By B&SC Career Services Team

Resume Writing 101: Resume Help for Today’s Job Search

The first step in any job search is writing a resume. While some of us have experience doing this, there are many people entering or returning to the workforce who might need resume help. Regardless of if you have written a resume in the past, it isn’t a bad idea to brush up on some basics.

At the Employability Summit, hosted by Bryant & Stratton College Online, a panel of HR and hiring experts touched on some fundamentals that can help you prepare your resume.

Types of Resumes

The three most common types of resumes are chronological, functional and hybrid. Chronological resumes present job history and education in reverse chronological order. Functional resumes don’t focus as much on job experience, but rather the relevant skills you possess. Those who have gaps in job history or may be changing careers most often use this type of resume. The final type of resume is a hybrid – as the name suggests – of both a chronological and functional resume. The hybrid resume allows you to be more creative in presenting your job experience and skills. Before you decide on a resume type, keep in mind the industry you are job searching in and how to best showcase your relevant skills and experience.


Many companies now use recruiting management software, which means that the hiring manager may not review your resume unless it has been identified as a good match by the software filters. Using keywords can increase your chances of having your resume reviewed by the hiring manager. Scan job postings to find which keywords to include in your resume. “You want to make sure that you’re synching up their terminology with your terminology,” said Heather Tinguely, program manager of Global Talent Labs at Microsoft. “Mirror your resume to that of the job description. If you had a similar job title in your history, make sure that you’re mirroring that information so that you’re better found.”

Jessica Lee, director of digital talent for Marriott International, echoed Tinguely by stressing the importance of keywords in today’s job market. She also suggests looking at job postings and descriptions to see how employers phrase particular duties, responsibilities and employability skills they are seeking so that you can mimic that language.


Nothing can land your resume in the “no” pile faster than typos. With autocorrect and spell check most people neglect to carefully proofread their resumes but Jessica Lee says that typos are still common even with today’s advanced technology. “It still happens. Everyone always laughs, but the reality is, it happens, and that speaks to someone’s lack of attention to detail,” she says.

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