April 22, 2019

Around the Web - September Edition

By B&SC Career Services Team

Around the Web - September Edition

The September edition of Around the Web takes a look at a host of resources for our students. Everything from thank you notes to identity theft protection is covered this time around. Have a look.

When is it too Late to Send a Job Interview Thank You Note – Sioux City Journal Sending a thank you note after an interview is an important piece of etiquette for job seekers to remember. Not only should you send a professional thank you to the person you interviewed with, but you need to ensure you send it in a timely manner.
Tips for Balancing College, Work and Life – News Press Now Adding your responsibilities for class is tough enough when your only focus is earning a degree. Add in work or family duties and it can be a recipe for disaster. Check out these tips for finding a happy work/school/life balance.

A Very Simple Recipe for the Perfect Job Search – LinkedIn An interesting take on the often maddening process of job searching. Keep this advice in mind as you conduct your job search.

Outdated Job Search Myths that Stifle Your Success – Forbes As with any long-standing practice, there are a few myths surrounding the job search process that you need to put out of your mind.

Revamp Your Resume in 30 minutes – USA Today At the end of the day your resume is going to be one of the biggest determining factors of landing a job. Make sure you’re taking proper care of your resume so you’re not left behind.

How to use Facebook to Land a Job – US News and World Report Typically social media is seen as something that can hamper your job search far more than it can help. However, that doesn’t mean that certain practices can’t help you land a job either.

Is Your LinkedIn Picture Helping or Hurting Your Job Search? Since LinkedIn is the most professional and straight-laced off all the social networks, you should make sure your presence on the site reflects that. An unprofessional profile picture is a sure-fire way to create a bad first impression.

Nine Tips for College Students to Protect Against Identity Theft – Kenosha News College students aren’t immune from identity fraud and it’s important for you to know a few important tips to prevent from becoming a victim.

6 Common Pieces of Job Search Advice You Should Ignore – Huffington Post Much like the myths we provided above, not all you hear in terms of a job search is going to be a foolproof way to land a job. Keep this bad advice in mind as you’re sending out resumes.

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