December 8, 2020

Portfolio Development Seminar: A New Process for Student Success

By B&SC Career Services Team

Portfolio Development Seminar: A New Process for Student Success

Bryant & Stratton College has changed a lot throughout its 157 years of operation, but a few things have remained the same. We have always put student success and preparation for a career as our top priorities.

One of the ways we are helping to add value to your education as an online student is a process called Portfolio Development Seminars (PDS), which are modeled after Portfolio Development Days held for our campus students. This process includes four career preparatory seminars that all Bryant & Stratton College Online students will eventually take as they progress through their respective programs.

Three of the four seminars will be attached to three general education courses: SOSC102: Introduction to Sociology, PHIL250: Practices in Analytic Reasoning & Critical Thinking, and the Capstone course unique to each major. The fourth Portfolio Development Seminar stands alone in the form of the Career Management Seminar, which is meant to be taken before a student enrolls in their Capstone course.

The launching of Online’s Portfolio Development Seminars started about a year ago when the Career Management Seminar was introduced for the first time. The second installment will commence this fall with the first PDS attachment to SOSC102. The goal of these seminars is to help students prepare for their career by building portfolios in the Optimal Resume program, creating and updating a resume, learning job searching and interviewing skills, as well as many other subjects to increase your chances of landing your dream job and advancing beyond graduation!

Keep an eye out as Bryant & Stratton College continues to add programs and benefits to fulfill our goal of producing prepared and competent graduates ready to succeed in a competitive economy!

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