December 8, 2020

Students Succeed with a Blended Learning Atmosphere at Bryant & Stratton

By B&SC Blog Team

Students Succeed with a Blended Learning Atmosphere at Bryant & Stratton

Here at Bryant & Stratton College, we recognize that people can’t put life on hold to take college courses. Whether you’re going back to school to pursue a new degree or want to advance in your current career field, there is a way you can do this with greater ease. You’ll have access to the resources you need to learn, grow, and succeed in a supportive environment. When it comes to getting a degree or certificate, what more could you want?

A Balanced Approach to Your Education

Students know best how they can balance a busy work-school-personal life schedule. We’ve created a platform that allows for blended learning to help with this effort. Students will be able to make more out of their time when they have access to both physical classroom instruction and virtual assistance online. They can conduct class prep, do their homework, speak to instructors and classmates, follow up on assignments, and more. It’s ideal to have this level of flexibility to give students more control when it comes to their time and schedules.

What Is the Blended Learning Program?

The Blended Learning program splits the educational process into virtual activities and face-to-face meetings. It lets you work around your own schedule and still have that same level of support as you’d get from attending only in-person classes and office hours. You can ask questions, receive guidance, and interact with fellow classmates without a hassle.

The Best Part About Blended Learning

You’ll be pleased to know that there is a great deal of support available in the Blended Learning program. You won’t ever have to be alone with the struggles and challenges you may have with your courses. This is particularly important when you’re attending college for the first time. You deserve to have a friendly, caring person on your side who happens to be a professional in your field (or the subject matter you’re studying).

Your instructor will cover both the online and face-to-face classes when you’re in the Blended Learning program. You can contact them during office hours, on Skype video, or by phone, as well as reach out to them or the technical support team on a 24/7 basis by email. This means you can breathe easier when dealing with any technical issues that may come up while you’re using the platform.

Here are just a few of the top-notch benefits you’ll have with Blended Learning:

  • Help from career service professionals
  • Interaction with your classmates
  • Computer labs open for your use
  • Making connections with teachers, administrative staff, and classmates in person
  • Tutoring online and on-campus
  • Regular instructor interaction via the question forum
  • A virtual library and librarians

Features and How They Work

Virtual learning center: This is where students can go before a class to prepare or work before and after they’ve had face-to-face instruction. They can complete assessments to get practice regarding the new skills that they’ve learned. Teachers can check up on your progress and you’ll get to use a wide range of resources that serve to deepen your education. This may seem strange at first, but having the ability to do some of the work online and utilize these technical tools will ensure that you are ahead of the game.

Classroom instruction: You may be more comfortable with this, at least at the start. This is the setting that students tend to be used to, especially if you’re going back years after you’ve completed high school. You attend in-person instruction to have crucial interpersonal experience and to have that added support from teachers who can guide you to work online with more confidence. You’ll also be able to gain practical knowledge and hands-on skills that pertain to your career.

According to The Tech Edvocate website, blended learning makes it possible to personalize instruction and the assessment of that instruction. When students create their online profiles, their teachers will get a better idea of how students understand and master the learning material. Since some students have difficulty with taking tests, it’s ideal to have a strong picture of their effort using many different tools. Students who typically would struggle in a conventional lecture-based class can thrive when they have a different means of showing what they know.

The Challenge of Higher Learning

Though it may be easy to sign up to take courses for a certificate or degree program, you don’t always know how you’ll fare once you’re in the middle of it. It’s important that you learn early on about the necessary tools and resources as well as the support that’s available to you. You have to put the effort in and use your potential in order to succeed, but there are people rooting for you along the way.

At Bryant & Stratton College, we’ve developed the Blended Learning approach to give all students a stronger chance to do well and take pride in their work. You’ll get to make good use of your time and operate on your schedule to hear and read content, discuss it with your instructors and classmates, and show your mastery through the discussion forum, graded assignments, tests, and more. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us at 1-866-948-0571.

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