October 12, 2022

Celebrating National Higher Education Day

By B&SC Blog Team

Celebrating National Higher Education Day

National Higher Education Day is observed annually on June 6 and is dedicated to honoring, educating, and inspiring future graduates of higher education. Higher education is any source of education after high school at a college or university that usually includes undergraduate or postgraduate programs. Having this day helps recognize higher education and allows individuals to focus on the journey and benefits of higher education. The day is used to ignite academic ambition and passion for advancing your education, encourage students to think about growth and potential in a specific field, promote learning about higher education and its benefits, raise awareness of financial aid opportunities, and promote academic resources that are offered to students.

Benefits of Higher Education

There are many personal benefits when you choose to advance your academic career and begin your higher education journey. Some of these benefits include increased opportunities for employment and a potentially higher salary, the opportunity to expand your knowledge by focusing on a particular area, career-based experience, and networking opportunities. Each of these can help you become successful and give you the skill sets and connections you need to land the career of your dreams or advance in your current career.

Higher education can help you obtain skills, habits, and other professional qualities that can make you more of an asset to future employers. Making yourself more valuable will allow you to gain more credibility and help you stand out from others. The list of benefits can go on, and it is important to remember that higher education is an investment in yourself.

Taking the Step into Higher Education

If you know that you want to continue your education after high school or grow in your current career, it is important that you start to plan and budget early. The good news is that there are numerous scholarship programs that can help take some of the weight of the cost off your shoulders. This wasn’t always true in the past but knowing that there are ways to make higher education affordable might make the thought of going to college a little less scary. National Higher Education Day promotes this early college planning and research and celebrates the benefits of higher education, along with inspiring students toward an advanced education by showing that it can be possible.

It is no surprise that to become the best at your chosen field, you will want to get the best experience and education possible, and that is why at Bryant & Stratton College we recognize the importance of learning in a career-based learning environment, and we design our programs to give you the ability to succeed in your chosen career path. National Higher Education Day gives us the opportunity to show you the reasons why you can take the step into higher education. All current and future college students can celebrate with us by posting their higher education experiences on social media! And if you have been thinking about advancing your education, there is no reason to hold back on your academic goals. Although it may be scary, with the proper guidance and willingness to work hard, you can be next on the road to higher education.

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