December 22, 2022

Desk Organization Tips for an Efficient Workspace

By B&SC Blog Team

Desk Organization Tips for an Efficient Workspace

As a college student, it is important to stay organized and keep your work areas as clutter-free as possible. An organized work environment offers a lot more than just visual appeal, such as communicating professionalism, reducing stress, keeping track of important tasks, and saving time. Having a clean workspace will help you become more efficient and allow both you and others around you to work more productively. Today, January 9, is National Clean Off Your Desk Day, and we have created a list of the best desk organization ideas to help you stay motivated and get your work done.

1. Declutter

The first step to creating an organized space is to declutter and throw out all the items that you no longer need. This will help you gather the items you do use and put them away so you can find them easily. Having too many things out on your desk can become overwhelming and distracting, making it difficult to stay focused on the tasks that you need to get done. Keep the areas immediately next to your computer free of clutter to allow you to review papers or documents right away without having to move items around to clear desk space.

2. Hide and Label Wires

With monitors, laptops, tablets, mice, phones, chargers, and more, your desk can easily become overwhelmed with wires. Since your desk is the place you use to maximize productivity, reducing visual clutter can help you stay on track. Keeping wires out of your way will allow you to have space for the things that you need to get your work done.

Labeling your wires can help you easily locate what is plugged into certain spots. There is nothing more frustrating than accidentally unplugging the wrong cord and having to restart your computer or reconnect your monitor. You can use colored tape to easily distinguish the difference between your charger and your lamp wires.

3. Color Code Your Files

Homework, classwork, bills, paperwork, and more can quickly pile up and take up room on your desk. Taking the extra step and separating everything into different sections in a file folder, holder, sorter, or organizer can help you put things where they need to be so you can easily find them when you are ready for them.

Using a color-coding system will allow you to know what is in each folder without having to dig through multiple, similar-looking folders or organizers to see what is inside. You will quickly start to recognize what each color stands for when you need a particular document or file.

4. Use a Calendar

Having a calendar accessible at your desk at all times will allow you to write down due dates and prioritize your time the right way. Having this nearby to look at while you are working on different tasks will come in handy when creating deadlines and getting things done on time. As a student, having your schedule completely organized can help minimize the stress of having to do multiple assignments at once. Getting ahead of the game instead of forgetting about things and doing assignments at the last minute will help you stay successful.

Hang or place your calendar in a spot where you can see it and can reflect on it whenever you need to. Having this visualization of your schedule will, in turn, help you thrive as a student.

5. Create More Desk Space

Giving yourself more room on your desk will allow you to move around freely and reference documents or papers without having to shuffle everything around. Lifting your computer or laptop is one way of giving yourself more desk space.

Lifting your computer will give you more room for your items or documents and make your desk look and feel more organized. Using stackable trays and drawers will give you the freedom to put things away, eliminating piles of random papers on your desk. Desk organization tools will help you declutter and keep your documents in order.

6. Put Your Supplies Away

After spending time doing your work, it would not be surprising to find your items all over your desk. Staying organized can be easy if you stay on top of your things and put them away as soon as you’re done. Leaving your mess for the next time that you need to study or get work done will be a distraction and take away time from getting the things done that you need to.

Make it a routine to clean up when you are finished with a task and put everything back where you got it from. This way, when you come back to do more work, you know where everything is and you will not need to search around for anything that you may need.

Utilize Your Efficient Workspace

Staying organized and keeping your space clean can help you become a successful student. It can increase your concentration and productivity, allowing you to get more done and stay on track. Taking the time to get organized will save you time in the long run, as a tidy desk will allow you to find what you need when you need it. The advantages of decluttering and organizing your desk will be beneficial to both you and your work.

On this National Clean Off Your Desk Day, Bryant & Stratton College has created this list of tips and tricks to help you become successful by keeping your desk space clean and organized.
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