December 8, 2020

When the Going Gets Tough, Dr. Jeff Fruendt Gets Students Going

By B&SC Blog Team

When the Going Gets Tough, Dr. Jeff Fruendt Gets Students Going

At the beginning of each semester Dr. Jeff Fruendt says nearly all of his students are motivated.

After a few weeks of school work and balancing responsibilities at home and jobs, that motivation can wane.

“A lot of students get midway through and it’s hard,” Fruendt said. “I think sometimes they are not prepared for the level of work that needs to be done, and in addition they have kids or a job. I see that challenge and I try to address it right away.”

On the first day of class Fruendt said he typically doesn’t jump into the academics. Instead he gives his students an encouraging pep talk that involves funny memes to bolster their spirit when the workload becomes heavy.

“We get it up front that they are going to be faced with challenges and they are going to be tired,” he said, adding that he uses the Bryant & Stratton College brochure to help keep students goal-focused.

“There is a student on the front wearing their professional uniform and smiling. That is their goal and often the students lose sight of that goal,” he said. “I keep that brochure around so they can physically see the goal and be reminded.”

Fruendt said he often repeats the encouraging talks mid-semester when the pressure and exhaustion has sometimes set in.

“They knew they would have challenges, now they have to face them,” he said. “That seems to help them not quit. They are reminded why they are here.”

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