August 19, 2022

New Student Spotlight: Meet Kimberly Kennedy

By B&SC Blog Team

New Student Spotlight: Meet Kimberly Kennedy

New Student Spotlight: Meet Kimberly Kennedy

Program: AAS Medical Assisting

Campus: Albany, NY

“Whenever I walk onto the campus, I am welcomed with open arms. I am so glad to have people like that in my life.” – Kim Kennedy

As a recent high school graduate, Kimberly Kennedy knew that she wanted to continue her education and follow her dreams of working in healthcare. At a young age, Kim discovered her love and passion for the medical field but wasn’t sure what path she wanted to pursue.

When starting her college search, Kim was open to all the possibilities the healthcare field had to offer. Her admiration for the different branches of the medical field inspired her, and she knew that she wanted to be able to help and give back to her small community.

During one of her high school classes, Kim connected with admissions coordinator Alicia Mero from Bryant & Stratton College, who was able to share with Kim all the healthcare options that the college offers. This allowed Kim to see the potential job outcomes of each career path in healthcare to see what aligned best.

Kim took a tour of Bryant & Stratton College in Albany, New York, where she was able to see for herself all the advantages that the college would give her, including small class sizes, updated classrooms, and one of the programs she had been looking into, medical assisting.

Following in her sister’s footsteps, Kim made the decision to commit to college and continue her education right out of high school in the medical assisting program at Bryant & Stratton College this fall. “I have always dreamt of this, and now it is becoming a reality,” Kim said.

Kim credits her journey to the college to Alicia and everything that she did to make the transition from high school to college easier. Kim said, “Alicia has helped me through so much and continues to check in on me to make sure that I have everything prepared for when I start classes. She is amazing, and I am so glad that I met her, because without her I would not be where I am today.”

Meeting new friends, engaging with instructors, and starting hands-on procedures in her classes are just a few things that Kim is looking forward to in starting her college career. “Just looking at the classes that I will be taking during my college journey is making me excited to get moving down my career path,” Kim said.

Kim’s goal after she earns her medical assisting degree is to work in pediatrics, as she enjoys working with children and feels that is the role that will suit her best. Her passion for both children and healthcare has allowed her to find a career that she loves.

“Everyone at the college has been checking in on me, making sure I have everything done, and has been super helpful,” Kim explained. As she prepares for classes to start, she feels confident that she will be successful at Bryant & Stratton and will be able to find a routine that works for her.

Although the transition from high school to college isn’t always easy, Kim said, “The small class sizes will help me feel the most comfortable. I am excited to have a personalized education and build relationships with my instructors and peers. I am feeling confident and am looking forward to starting the medical assisting program.”

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