May 17, 2023

12 Best Mental Health Podcasts to Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month

By B&SC Blog Team

12 Best Mental Health Podcasts to Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month

Since around the early 1990s, podcasts have become part of the daily listening habits of millions around the world. They give us an opportunity to learn, laugh, and be inspired, along with stimulating different parts of the brain, forcing the listener to actively pay attention. Over time, podcasts have expanded into different categories and genres, including mental health. Mental health podcasts allow listeners to feel like they are not alone and learn how to adapt and develop to improve their health and day-to-day life. Podcasts can tackle difficult topics such as anxiety, depression, OCD, bipolar disorder, and more, and can help loved ones recognize and better understand different mental health disorders as well as how to help navigate situations in a healthy manner.

This Mental Health Awareness Month, Bryant & Stratton College is working to #EndTheStigma by continuously speaking about the importance of mental health and utilizing the available resources around you. We have created a list of the best mental health podcasts that allow listeners to keep a positive attitude, learn coping skills to better deal with stress, enhance relationships, and enjoy life more.

12 Best Podcasts About Mental Health, Depression, or Anxiety

1. The Happiness Lab

You might believe that happiness is dependent on a good job, money, vacations, and other materialistic items, but Yale psychology professor Dr. Laurie Santos will surprise you with the latest scientific research and inspiring stories in this mental health podcast that will change the way you think about happiness.

Each episode will take you through different common misconceptions, making you reconsider what happiness means to you. The podcast aims to provide change in each listener seeking a better path toward a happier life.

2. The Mental Illness Happy Hour

The Mental Illness Happy Hour is a weekly online podcast hosted by comedian Paul Gilmartin. Paul interviews comedians, artists, friends, and the occasional doctor to help normalize talking about mental health. Each episode explores mental illness, trauma, addiction, and negative thinking.

Paul Gilmartin is not a medical professional, and neither are most of his guests, but the dialogues have been created in hopes of making mental health easier to converse about.

3. Terrible, Thanks for Asking

The podcast Terrible, Thanks for Asking was created for those individuals who are tired of responding “fine” when someone asks how they are doing. The host, Nora McInerny, is most famous for her books speaking on moving forward after life completely fell apart. Nora lost her father, husband, and had a miscarriage all within a few weeks. She created her podcast about mental health in hopes of helping others by sharing stories and letting listeners know that it is okay to be more than just “fine.”

4. Not Another Anxiety Show

Registered nurse and certified health and wellness coach Kelli Walker created Not Another Anxiety Show to help individuals deal with all things anxiety and normalize the discussion around it. Episodes of this anxiety podcast are full of practical advice on dealing with anxiety in everyday situations, including understanding that, ultimately, being anxious is being human.

5. The Trauma Therapist

The Trauma Therapist was created by Guy Macpherson, PhD, in 2014 and is the best podcast for trauma due to the wide variety of mental health experts specializing in trauma who appear on the show. The episodes focus on a dynamic and powerful conversation between Guy and the chosen expert thought leaders in the field of psychology and trauma. You can learn about the journeys of these mental health therapists who have dedicated their lives to helping those who have been impacted by trauma.

6. Anxiety Slayer

Anxiety Slayer is a series of courses, guided meditations, and tools you can utilize to help manage anxiety. Hosts Shann Vander Leek and Ananha Sivyer created this podcast about mental health to support those struggling with overwhelming anxiety. Their mission is to empower anyone whose life is overshadowed by stress or anxiety and provide guided relaxations for anxiety relief.

7. Cleaning Up the Mental Mess

Cleaning Up the Mental Mess is hosted by Dr. Caroline Leaf, a cognitive neuroscientist and author whose goal is to help you “clean up” the mess that mental illness can make of your life. The podcast focuses on practical advice to help you master your emotional, physical, and mental health-from checking stress levels to protecting your mental health. All of her solutions are scientifically tested to help you live your happiest and healthiest life.

8. The Hardcore Self Help Podcast

Dr. Robert Duff began his first-ever episode of The Hardcore Self Help Podcast with Duff the Psych in 2016 with an “earmuffs warning” that he isn’t afraid to use colorful language. It was his way of reassuring listeners he won’t shy away from the topics that really matter. Since then, he has provided more than 300 episodes responding to listener questions about mental health, anxiety, depression, and more with answers using everyday language.

9. Mentally Yours

Out of the UK, the Mentally Yours podcast was founded by Ellen Scott and Yvette Caster as a weekly chat with different guests, each one impacted by mental health challenges ranging from OCD and ADHD to surviving the suicide of a loved one. These weekly chats feature a range of guests from all walks of life, from retail workers to TV journalists, authors, and even a female MMA fighter. Having dealt with their own diagnosed disorders and anxieties, the hosts know what a “lonely place mental health can be,” and they speak out to offer hope and proof that things can get better. Recently, Ellen put down the microphone in a career change, but Yvette and guest hosts continue to bring help and support to those with a listening ear.

10. Therapy for Black Girls

“To be seen, to be heard, and to be understood.” These are the words that greet you when you find the website for Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, licensed psychologist, speaker, and host of the podcast Therapy for Black Girls. Her podcast addresses overcoming the stigma that too often puts up roadblocks for those who need mental health help in this community. Featured in The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, Essence, and more, she routinely uses pop culture references and everyday language to encourage wellness by presenting mental health topics in a manner that is more relevant and accessible to Black women and girls.

11. I WEIGH with Jameela Jamil

Nominated for an E! People’s Choice Award in its inaugural year, “I WEIGH with Jameela Jamil” is not absorbed with physical weight but rather with weighing in on self-worth, love, and value. At about an hour in length per episode, this weekly podcast explores many of the issues that challenge mental wellness. In conversations with celebrities, thought leaders, activists, and influencers who share about their own experiences with mental health, Jameela is challenging social norms on the way to celebrating progress.

12. Being Well

With the father-son cohosting team of Dr. Rick Hanson and Forrest Hanson, Being Well offers a weekly conversation with world-class experts over a number of topics in the area of lasting well-being. Past podcasts can easily be researched on the Being Well podcast site by topic areas such as Who Am I?, Depression and Sadness, Trauma and Traumatic Experiences, and Relationships. With new episodes every Monday, their mission is to help listeners build inner strength, overcome challenges, and get the most out of life.

Choosing the Mental Health Podcast for You

Just like finding a therapist that fits your needs can take a couple of tries, finding a podcast that you can connect with might be the same way. The best mental health podcast for you will be the one that you best identify with or addresses topics that you can relate to. Whether you look on Spotify, Amazon, Apple, Audible, or some other podcast-hosting platform, take the time to do your research and find a series that you enjoy and will help you learn and improve. You can start with our list of the best mental health podcasts, ask your friends and family what they are listening to, or even ask a mental health professional.

Mental Health Resources at Bryant & Stratton College

Bryant & Stratton College’s approach to mental health is one of reality and vocalization. We are always working toward ensuring both our students and staff know that they have access to resources when they are struggling. One barrier to mental health help is often access. But a solution can be as simple as communication and understanding.

WellConnect is one resource we make available to students both on-campus and online that offers resources for counseling, wellness, financial and legal consultation, life skills, and more. The partnership was created between Bryant & Stratton College and WellConnect to ensure students have the services and support they need outside of school.

It is important to remember that mental health podcasts should never take the place of speaking with a professional in the field and that Bryant & Stratton College is always here to help. Learn more about B&SC and our mission today!

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