October 12, 2022

Nervous About Tests? Use these Helpful Study Tips

By B&SC Blog Team

Nervous About Tests? Use these Helpful Study Tips

The new semester brings all sorts of challenges. New and old students alike can experience feelings of anxeity, stress or even fear when it comes to their schoolwork.

Especially in the case of tests, those feelings can be intensified and can affect performance. To combat test anxiety, I have provided some helpful study tips for college students who may be nervous or stressed out this semester.

Basic Study Skills:

  • Be prepared: Read ahead. A good idea is to read the review questions at the end of the chapter. Then read the chapter. This helps to jump start your mind!!!
  • Review notes: Review notes on a regular basis. Ideally, they should be viewed daily and one or two hours on the weekend should be set aside to review on a more intense level. Keep in mind if you have a final exam.
  • Ask Questions: If you are unclear on a topic, ask the instructor questions during virtual office hours, email or the Questions Forum.

Test Taking: Studying for a Test

  • Organize Study Material: Two weeks before the test, start to organize all the study material.
  • Concentrate your studies: Particularly focus your review on points emphasized in Discussion, lectures, areas that the instructor has advised for study, questions in study guides, past quizzes and reviews at the end the chapters.
  • Create study checklists: List all the possible material that could be covered in the test. From the list, organize and plan time when you will be studying each topic.
  • Create flashcards: Flashcards assist with memorizing details like dates, definitions, formulas or lists. Put the questions on one side and the answers on the reverse side.

Test Taking: Overcoming Test Anxiety

  • Relax: Do not try to do a last-minute review as it will add to your stress level.
  • Read the directions carefully and fully: You will be more comfortable knowing what the expectations and procedures are.
  • Be confident: Remind yourself that you are well prepared for the test and you will do well. If you find yourself becoming anxious, take several slow, deep breaths to relax. Soft relaxation music in the background can help you too!!!
Remember, your student success coaches and academic advisors are available to help provide guidance and support at any point during the semester. Don’t forget to utilize these helpful resources to ensure success throughout your college career.

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