May 27, 2022

New Student Glossary

By B&SC Blog Team

New Student Glossary

Official vs. Unofficial Transcripts

An Unofficial Transcript can be evaluated by our Registrar to determine if you will receive transfer credits towards the program you are enrolled in. Keep in mind that while an Unofficial copy can be evaluated during this phase, by the end of your first 15-week semester an Official Copy will be needed. Official transcripts must be sent directly from the previous institution to Bryant & Stratton College for the transfer credits to be fully granted.

Sessions vs. Semester

Each Semester is 15 weeks long and is divided into two 7.5-week sessions. Therefore, after you finish your session one classes you’re in middle of your current semester and still have half of your courses to complete in session two.

Depending on when you start as a student you may be able to complete up to three Semesters in a calendar year (January-December).

Full Time, Part Time, Three-Quarter Time

Each class at Bryant & Stratton College is worth 3 college credits, except pre-college courses.

A Part-Time student’s schedule consists of two classes total (6 credits) for the semester; this works out to be one class per session.

A Full-Time student’s schedule is four classes total (12 credits) for the semester; that equates to two classes per session.

Finally, in between there is a Three-Quarter Time student schedule. This would be three classes total (nine credits) for the Semester; this would be either one or two classes per session.

Dean’s list

To be eligible for the academic honor of Dean’s List status, students must have successfully completed at least 12 semester credit hours in the semester and have earned grades of C or better. Grades of D+, F, I, NP, U, or academic dismissal or probation status makes a student ineligible for the Dean’s List for the semester in which those grades were earned.

Bachelor’s Degree

The highest degree program offered by Bryant & Stratton College. Most bachelor’s degrees at Bryant & Stratton College take 120 credits (40 classes) to complete. The actual number of classes required may differ depending on the degree you enroll in.

Associate Degree

An associate degree at Bryant & Stratton College typically consists of 60 credit hours (20 classes). The number of classes and credits required to complete an associate degree may differ depending on which degree you pursue. The majority of degree programs at Bryant & Stratton College are associate degrees.


A diploma program at Bryant & Stratton College will likely require students to complete 36 credits (12 classes). Like the other academic programs, the actual number of classes and credits required may differ depending on which program you enroll in. These programs are a great stepping stone for getting your foot in the door in your field while earning another degree.

Blackboard (myBSC)

Blackboard is the program in which our courses are held. You can also access Smarthinking tutoring via Blackboard. Go to and click the orange button that says “log in to myBSC” to get started.

Academic Related Activity

This is how attendance is tracked in accordance to the federal attendance policy. ARA can be submitting a homework assignment, quiz or discussion post in Blackboard.


Attendance at an academically related activity will be monitored for each student attending Bryant & Stratton College. Students who are absent from all of their courses for more than 14 consecutive calendar days, will be automatically administratively withdrawn from the College unless the student contacts the College and is approved for an extension of this 14 day absence period.

Being withdrawn, whether administrative or official is factored into Standards of Academic Progress calculations, thereby impacting academic success and eligibility for financial aid. Please consult with a member of Student Services for questions pertaining to this policy.


Posting in the weekly discussion board is one of the requirements for our courses. Students are expected submit an initial post responding to the prompt for the week and respond to three classmates on different days. Grading rubrics are also posted within the courses.

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