December 23, 2020

How an education at one of New York’s most historic Colleges can change your life

By B&SC Blog Team

How an education at one of New York’s most historic Colleges can change your life

Ready to use your imagination? Okay, imagine it’s 1854. Now imagine you’re alive at that time, and you’re at an age when it’s time to pursue a career. Problem was the only way for most people to find a place in the business world back then was through an apprenticeship. And those, in those not-so-good old days, were hard to find.

Pretty discouraging, right? Maybe you’ve even known what that discouragement can feel like in the modern day – when you want to pursue a better career and life and you can’t seem to find a way. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Back to 1854.

Now it’s time imagine a couple of brothers and their brother-in-law putting their heads and their intellects and their work ethic together to create a whole new model of education and training. The brothers are Dr. John Collins Bryant and Henry Beadman Bryant. Their brother-in-law is Henry Dwight Stratton. Together they founded Bryant & Stratton National Business College in Buffalo, New York.

The Bryant & Stratton model of teaching business skills in classrooms and business labs was a total game-changer. And, for its students, a life-changer. The transformative power of that new way of preparing people for business careers – and the business of life – continues today, more powerful than ever. Across the country, around the world and, absolutely, here in New York.

No doubt the founding brothers would be high-fiving each other (hey, they were innovators) to see how Bryant & Stratton has grown, evolved and transformed through the years. From advocating for women’s rights and creating a “ladies department” in the 1850s to the innovation of correspondence courses in the 1890s and the launch of online education and training one hundred years later, Bryant & Stratton College has not only been right there at the transformative times in history; they’ve been a leader in the transformation.

In 1854, America was in search of a better way to educate and train people for good careers and better lives. In Buffalo, New York, Bryant & Stratton College led the way. Today, when people are looking for a path to a promising career and better life, Bryant & Stratton College offers the support they’re looking for to succeed in their career and life. Conveniently, they’ve named it Career LifePrep®. And it could very well be calling you. Imagine the possibilities.

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